Odd One Out 'Is' and 'Are' basic practice

Practice for 1st year junior high studying 'He is' and 'They are'

Submitted by UonumaRobert

May 29, 2019

Estimated time: 20 to 25 minutes

There are three versions of this activity.

As a writing activity I prefer to use the poster and worksheet and not the powerpoint games.

The students pick pictures from the poster and write two sentences. For example 'It is a bear. They are penguins' and show their sentences to a teacher before continuing to a second picture. See how many sentences they can complete as groups, pairs or individuals.

The regular powerpoint version works okay with small classes.

The one with points works as a speaking activity. They say their two sentences about the picture and then pick a letter. If they pick the letter that reveals a demon then their team loses are all their points. Or they can play janken and have a chance of keeping their points.

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