This/That Animal

This is a speaking activity for the introduction and/or practice of the target sentence: "This/That is..."

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  • A4 flashcards of animals - you need two copies of the flashcards. You need enough so that each student will have two of the same flashcard. For example, a class of 36 students, you will need two sets (18 in each set) of the flashcards. Note: You can use fruits or classroom flashcards instead of animals. You can download these from


  • Split the classroom in half, and hand each student an animal card.
  • Play the activity in rows. Decide the starting row for each team. The first student turns to the student behind them and introduces their card - 'This is ~'. They then look at the other students card and says 'That is ~'. This step is repeated for each student until they reach the end of the row. You and your JTE will have to follow the students and ensure they are saying 'This is~' and 'That is~'.
  • When you reach the last student in the team, they will have to look at the students card in front of them.


  • You can give the students 5 minutes to complete the activity. The team with the most students completing, wins. 
  • To make it more fun, any team with students who incorrectly uses 'This is ~' and 'That is~' will have to start back at the beginning. Note: This is only recommended if this activity is used as a review.


  • If you are using this activity as a review, first go over the grammar point then followed the instructions in Detailed Explanation.
  • If used as an introduction to the grammar point, introduce the animal words (as applicable) to the students. Have them repeat the words twice after you. Then, randomly select the the flashcards and have the class say the animal word aloud. Focus on any words you noticed they had problems with during the introduction. Finally, introduce, 'This is~' and 'That is~' with your JTE. First, look at your card and say 'This is a bear etc'. Then look at the card your JTE is holding and say 'That is an elephant etc'. Repeat twice more for the kids to listen.


  • You really need to ensure the students understand the rules. It takes a bit of time explaining but the activity will then run smoothly. My students really enjoyed this activity.
Submitted by Englipedia Archive June 12, 2019 Estimated time: 5-15 min

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