I Will Give Her The World

Two activities for practicing 'I will give her something'

First is a chain game. They circle one of each picture and then make pairs and ask questions 'Will you give me a pen?' if its circled then answer 'Yes, I will' and continue to the next question. If its not circled then answer 'Sorry, I can't' and switch turns. If they get three yes answers their partner signs their worksheet.

Next is a writing exercise. Usually in groups they look at the pictures and write what they will give the person and why. The example 'I will give him water because he is in the desert'. Each student has a writing sheet and each group has a picture sheet.

One member brings their sentences to a teacher who checks them and then checks off that picture on the groups picture sheet. They then go back to work on a new picture. This can be done with random points, a powerpoint game if you have one or rewards if they reach certain checkpoints. I usually reward stickers if they finish half or more.

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    Submitted by UonumaRobert June 27, 2019 Estimated time: Both activities together take about 40 minutes

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