Money Flip

Students practice the 'have to' grammar point while playing a board game and flipping fake money.

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Originally submitted by Patrick Bickford on Jul 3, 2008.


  • MoneyFlip worksheet: One board game per group
  • Fake money - I bought a small set of cardboard yen at the 100 yen shop, but I think you could pretty much use anything for the flipping instrument


  • Hand out the gameboard and have the students break into 2-4 person groups. Have them select the piece they will be moving around the board at the bottom of the game board, cut it out and put them at the start line.
  • The object of this game is to work through the game board 2 times.
  • The students janken to see who starts first and the first student flips the money. Why do I use money? No reason! You could use anything that has two sides. I use money because it's so unique it captures the students' attention. If the money lands on the front side, the student's piece is moved 1 square and they must form a 'have to' sentence using the words in the box they landed on. If the money lands on the back side, the piece is moved two spaces ahead and they form a 'don't have to' sentence. NOTE: If you use something other than money, make sure it only has two sides so the students have many chances to land on the different squares.
  • Once the student completes the sentence, it is the next person's turn.
  • Once a student completes the board the first time, they start back at the beginning and play through the board again. The only difference this time around is once the student says the English sentence, the other student must listen and translate the sentence into Japanese.


  • Instead of having the other student put the sentence into Japanese, make the student who said the English sentence to turn their sentence into Japanese.


  • Up to 4 players can play on one board but I found it most beneficial to only play two students on a board.



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Estimated time: 35-50 min

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July 05, 2019


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