What would you like? Chain Game and Write and Race

Two activities to practice 'Would you like?'

The first is a chain game. There are three requests. You check the ones that you would want.

Then make pairs and take turns asking questions. The first student asks 'Would you like some bread?' (or rice) and if the answer is 'Yes' continue with the second student asking 'Would you like some tea? (Or milk) and again if the answer is yes continue with the last question with the first student asking it. If they get a 'yes' there as well they sign each other's worksheet. They should ask the questions they've checked.

If they get a no at anytime the chain is broken and they say 'bye' and seek a new partner.

The second activity is a group activity. The teacher gives them the situation and they must think about what the teacher would want. Then a member of their group goes to the teacher and asks. If the teacher thinks its a good idea the teacher will tell them the next situation.


3年生 What would you like for breakfast.docx

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Estimated time: Maybe thirty minutes for both activities

Submitted by: UonumaRobert

August 27, 2019


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