Halloween Quizzes

These are the 3 choice Halloween quizes I use in junior high and elementary

Submitted by UonumaRobert

September 4, 2019

Inspired by: Monster Dash

Inspired: Monster Dash

Estimated time: I'd say about half the lesson time for most of these quizzes. Can be faster if don't do groups and just do hands up.

UPDATE: I've replaced the cat's gun. The original was an animated gif that was causing the activity to crash on my tablet. NOTE: I haven't changed in the demo slides or the feud game.

UPDATE: I've replaced the follow up zombie attack with a version that looks a little more halloween-ish.

These are a collection of quizzes you can use for Halloween themed lessons. There are three I use for junior high school. One for each year.

These multi-choice quizzes can be done in groups with students coming up with their answers and then do an answer check. They can be done more quickly with kids just raising their hands or other variations.

The first two are two choice quizzes for elementary school classes. They have the same quiz. They are paired with a point get review game. The review game is based on the Let's Try One and Let's Try Two books. Generally I have the students make groups and select their order. Show the question number which has a hint so you can tell them what kind of question they'll be asked. After you show the question one student from each group goes to the teacher with their answer. If the teacher says OK then they come to the ALT and ask for a pumpkin. Click on the pumpkin to reveal how many points they'll get. Finish with an answer check then go onto the next question and a new student answering. Although I've included 16 questions I will most likely cut a lot when I do it so we'll have time for a Trick or Treat sticker getting activity.

Quiz One is about Halloween in Canada and America.

Quiz Two is the story of Stingy Jack. It is the origin of the Jack O Lantern according to some websites. I recommend this one for the 3rd grade classes. The second years sometimes have a harder time understanding the story.

Quiz Three is a look at some scary stories. It might be a good idea to change the order. Maybe end on the ghost story since I think its the most interesting.

All three quizzes are paired with a writing game called Zombie Attack. This is a group activity. Each group should have a question sheet with a collection of questions. You can cut these into stripes or just verbally ask the questions instead. And each student should have a writing sheet. They work together to answer a question then one member comes to a teacher, checks their answer and if its okay selects a number. If they get a small zombie they get one point. If they hit the big zombie they get 3 points, if the big zombie blows up the school bus they lose 3 points. If they hit the boss or lose the next screen arrow appears. Click on that so a new slide appears. That group goes back to working on their next question. Each group works at their own pace. If you click on the bus it takes you to the game over screen.

Alternately you can pair these quizzes with the Monster Dash Game. Although since that game takes more time I'd suggest going through the quizzes quickly.

UPDATE: I've added some worksheets to go with zombie attack. There are also the DEMO slides. This should replace the demonstration slides at the beginning of the zombie attack games. Just delete the current demo slides and add this ones in and it should work fine.

Note for social distancing.
If your classes aren't allowed to make groups these quizzes can be done with rows as groups. Each student should have A,B and C cards they can hold up as their answer. After the answer check the teachers can give each row points based on how many correct answers they got. Less interesting than discussing with teammates but might be necessary. I saw this idea on another recent activity. I haven't tried it yet.

You can use this link to see a presentation that can help with editing my activities and making your own.

  • Musakuu October 29, 2019

    This game looks like fun, but my class is not even close to being on reduced relative clause yet :( I downloaded it and am shamelessly modifying it for my purposes. Thanks a lot :D

  • Jake W October 29, 2020

    The students got a big kick out of the cat fighting back the waves of zombies.

  • UonumaRobert October 30, 2020

    Thanks, the whole reason that activity exists is I found an animated gif of a cat shooting a machine gun one day and I really really wanted to use it somehow.

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