Find the People

Students practice the reduced relative clause by searching their textbook for people doing things.


This is a group quiz designed to have the students practice the reduced relative clause_ using the present participle. The students must listen to a hint by the ALT and then search their textbooks for the described pictures.


  • The students need their textbooks.
  • You need a list of hints and the page numbers on which you find them.


  1. Make groups and decide the order of students.
  2. The ALT says a hint for the students to find in their textbooks. (Ex: Can you find the girl playing tennis?)
  3. Students search through their textbooks to find the pictures.
  4. Then they come to the ALT with their textbook and show the picture.
  5. If they found the picture their team gets a point.
  6. Check the answer (using an overhead projector or the digital textbook).

Tips & Advice:

  • First, practice with the whole class (before making groups). Give the students a hint, and let them find the picture in their books. Then check the answer using the overhead projector or digital textbook.
  • Use easy-to-find hints in the beginning, and mix in harder hints as time goes on.

Sample Hints:

These hints are from the New Crown 3 textbook.

Can you find...?

  • children playing the saxophone: p5
  • a girl making dresses: p9
  • a girl sleeping in the park: 37
  • children using a tablet: p57
  • and so on...
  1. UonumaRobert November 29, 2019

    Nice low prep and uses the book the students are all have in their desks.

  2. Jake W December 5, 2019

    This is a really clever idea! It's easy to explain. I made a worksheet for it, so I'll submit it and link it.

  3. NagaokaMike February 5, 2020

    Thanks, Jake & Robert. It can be expanded or reduced, depending on how much time you want to spend on it. I'm thinking about doing it for a warm-up activity for some JHS 1st year classes soon (to practice using ~ing).

  4. ohnoko March 1, 2021

    When I did this with my usually pretty apathetic 3rd years, they asked if we could keep going. I had intended to use it as a warmup, but it turned into more than half the lesson haha. Thanks for the idea!

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