Household Chores

Students do a survey in class to see how often they help their mother around the house.

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Originally submitted by Natasha Anders on Jun 24, 2009.


  • Students have to interview 4 other students (preferably 2 boys and 2 girls).
  • They ask the questions and correlate the information when they're done with the questions.
  • Afterwards teachers do a classwide survey by asking the same questions and seeing how many students reply in the affirmative.


  • I find it useful to have students assign symbols to each person they interview, for example: Yuki = 〇 , Yuka = □ , Yuji = △ Yuya = ☆


  • It's best to put them into groups of 6 for this activity (3 boys, 3 girls).
  • If you have them walk around the class it becomes, noisy, chaotic and basically party time.
  • Students often find this survey very interesting and enjoy seeing the results afterwards.
  • Sometimes I think it even shames them in to helping out around the house a more.



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Estimated time: 45-50 min

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December 16, 2019


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