Trip Diary

Students write about their class trips.

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Originally submitted by Simon Kelly on Mar 08, 2012.


  • The first page of the worksheets are mostly vocabulary.
  • The second page is for the rough draft. After teachers correct the rough draft, students get the third page.
  • The third page is for the final draft, with a space to draw a picture. (The fact that they get to draw on the final draft seems to help motivate them)


  • For several reasons, i am confined to A4 size for everything. This is designed to be one B4 page and one B5 page. The final draft page I shrink to B5 size. The first two pages I put side by side on the copier (making A3 size) and shrink that down to B4 size, making page one and page two on a single B4 page.


  • My JTE combined this with New Horizon's Writing+ 1 (book 2)




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Estimated time: 20-40 min

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December 24, 2019


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