Past Simple Mystery Game "Who Dunnit"

A "Who Dunnit" game where the class are detectives and interview five students to solve a mystery
This activity was inspired by:

Inspired by UonumaRobert "I watched TV past simple" activity, also first mystery is taken from that activity

There are three mysteries.
Print out the document with the character cards and the stories. Cut out the character cards. In class start off by explaining the words Mystery, Detective and Liar/Lie, and tell the students how today they will be solving some mysteries. Tell the story of John, every line of the story relates to an animated picture to help the students understand. Next get 5 students to stand at the front of the class, give them each an identity card write the number 1-5 behind them on the board(under this is where you will write the answers as you go). Next explain all the questions then have students ask the questions for example "Number 1 what is your name?" When the suspect answers write the answer on the board behind them (I just write point form instead of "My name is Jack", I just write "Jack") After the students have all the answers they can say who the liar is...

Goal is to practice past simple and did you questions
Estimated time 10-15min per mystery there are 3 mysteries, I plan on spreading them out on various days.


JHS1-L9-Past Tense Verbs Did You Mystery Character Cards.docx

JHS1-L9-Past Tense Verbs Did You Mystery.pptx

Total 1

Estimated time: 10-15 minutes per mystery

Submitted by: OdafromTaijima

February 19, 2020

UonumaRobert February 19, 2020

Very nice. The Powerpoint will really help make it clearer. Maybe introduce the five roommates with pictures and names at the start of the powerpoint. Some students have a hard time pronouncing names.

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