Past Tense Sentences Snakes and Ladders

Play "snakes and ladders" while making sentences using past tense

Students go into groups, take turns. On their turn they role the dice move a token(we used their erasers) that many spots and use the time from that number and the space that they landed on to make a sentence. Just like snakes and ladders if they land on an arrow it leads them to where they go.

Sentence Examples
"Yesterday, MrKita ate an apple."
"I played soccer two days ago."
"She studied math last year"

This is printed on A3 paper.

On the board the verbs are in present imperative so that the students have to work at changing it to past tense when they say the sentence.
Please feel free to change the verbs on the board for whatever your class needs.


JHS1-L9G1 - Past Tense Sentence Snakes and Ladders Game.docx

Total 1

Estimated time: 20 mins

Submitted by: OdafromTaijima

February 19, 2020


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