Students sell random products to one buyer. If their product gets bought, they get a point and become the next buyer.

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Review grammar for giving reasons (because, so, therefore, etc.) and grammar for suggestions (I think..., You need to..., You must...). Put students into groups of 4-5 students. Each group gets a set of job cards and item cards. Each student gets 3-4 item cards.

Students play rock, paper, scissors. The winner picks a job card. The other 3-4 students pitch one of their items to that person.

The student with the job card picks a winner. That student gets a point and picks the next job card. The other students take another card so they always have 3 cards in their hand. Game continues until there are no more cards or the students are sick of the activity.

S1 picks a job card. He is a "teacher".

S2 puts down a "homework" item card.
S2: "I think you need homework because you give students homework."

S3 puts down a "1000 yen" item card.
S3: "I think you need 1000 yen because you are hungry. You can buy a good lunch."

S4 puts down a "gorilla" item card.
S4: "I think you need a gorilla because gorillas are cute."

S1: "Hmmm... I like money so I pick 1000 yen."


  • LOWER LEVEL: Provide a print with example language for the students to use.
  • HIGHER LEVEL: Students must give multiple reasons why they need that item.
  • EVEN HIGHER LEVEL: Students make their own job cards and item cards before playing.


  • Be sure to demonstrate with a student before playing. The idea of arguing politely is a bit difficult for teenagers.
  • Pre-teach some of the item names, or make a new list of items from the back of their textbook.
  • Students can also write their own items down on blank cards.
  • Print backs on the cards so students cannot see through them.
  • Feel free to create your own job or item cards to suit the level of the class. It's always fun to include yourself as one of the jobs and see what students would try to sell to you!
  • Some students get too excited and fade into playing in Japanese, encourage them to use English as much as they can.


  • This is a higher level game that works well for English clubs or highly motivated students.
  • This is a simplified version of the game "Snake Oil", found at




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Estimated time: 10-25 min

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May 07, 2020


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