Safe Zone

Players try to escape to the safe areas before they are tagged.

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Originally submitted by Elem ALT Team on June 19, 2007.


  • After teaching the target vocabulary, affix vocabulary cards to the safe zone areas. This can be the walls of the classroom or even the orange cones in the gym.
  • Designate a 'safe zone' around each card using whatever is convenient – hula-hoops, mats, lines on the gym floor, etc.
  • The ALT is the first one to be 'it' (oni). The oni starts in the middle and everyone else spreads out around the room.
  • The oni calls out the word for one of the safe zones and the other players all have to try to escape to the matching safe zone before the oni tags them.
  • The oni can't enter the correct safe zone, but if players go to the incorrect zone, they are fair game.
  • Depend on the class size, teachers should decide how many "oni" there should be. Students who are tagged become the new onis.


  • Time Limit: make a time limit for each round and keep playing calling off different safe zones until the time expires. Everyone who was tagged in the round becomes the oni in the next round. For this variation, keep playing until only a few non-onis are left.
  • Shark Attack: students walk around doing gestures of various actions. When the teacher calls, "Shark Attack," they must escape to the safe areas before being eaten by the shark.
  • Harry Potter: this is like a jazzed up freeze tag game. Some students become Voldemorts and the rest are Harry Potters. The Voldemorts chase the Harry Potters and when they catch one, they put a spell on him by shouting a command, like "Jump!" The caught Potter must keep jumping until freed by another Harry Potter who asks, "What are you doing?"
  • Pirates: submitted by Brent Badger. This game is to practice countries' name. Tell the students that you are a pirate. When they hear a country name, they all have to hide in the circle or the hula hoop that has that countries name attached to it. When they are in the hula hoop, they are safe from pirates. The students who don't fit into the circle or tagged will be pirates too. I suggest this game for grades 5-6.

概要: 生徒は鬼に捕まられる前に安全地帯に逃げるというゲームです。


  • 目標となる単語を教えてから、単語のカードは安全地帯のところに貼る。教室の壁でもいいし体育館のオレンジの円錐に貼ってもいい。
  • 何か目印になる適当なもの、フラフープとかマットとか体育館の床のラインを使い、先生はカードの周りで安全地帯を決める。
  • 最初にALTが鬼になる。鬼は部屋の真ん中から始める。生徒は教室のいろいろな場所に逃げる。
  • 鬼がどこか一つの安全地帯にある単語を大声で叫ぶと、生徒は鬼に捕まえられないようにして鬼が言った安全地帯に行かなきゃならない。
  • 鬼は正しい安全地帯には入れないが、生徒が間違った所に入ったら捕まえることができる。
  • 先生は、生徒の人数によって何人の鬼が必要か決めたほうがいい。一番最初に捕まった生徒が次の鬼になる。


  • タイム・リミット: 時間が終るまでにあちこちにある安全地帯の違う単語をどんどん叫ぶようにします。次々に捕まった人が全員鬼になっていき、鬼ではない生徒が2,3人になるまで続けます。
  • Shark Attack(サメの襲撃): 生徒はいろいろな動作をして歩きます。先生が「Shark Attack」と言ったら、生徒はサメに食べられないように安全地帯に逃げなければなりません。
  • Harry Potter (ハリーポッター): 何人かの生徒がVoldemort(ヴォルティモート)になり、残りの生徒がHarry Potter(ハリーポッター)になります。 Voldemortたちは Harry Potterたちを追いかけます。Harry Potterを捕まえた時にVoldemortは命令を叫んで魔法をかけます。例えば“Jump"という命令をしたら、そのHarry Potterは他のHarry Potterに助けられるまで跳び続けます。他のHarry Potterが “What are you doing?”(なにをしてるの?)と聞いてあげると魔法は解けます。

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Estimated time: 30 min

Submitted by: Englipedia Archive

June 04, 2020


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