Let's Try What Time!

Powerpoint activities for let's try 2 lesson 4. Focus on teaching the vocabulary such as 'Wake-up time'
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The powerpoint has three activities.

First is the teacher quiz. The HRT should do one and the ALT should do the other. Tell the students its quiz time then show them the three times. Make them practice and make sure they know what 'am' means. Then show the 'wake up time' and the question. The students can then guess what time the teacher wakes up. I generally have them talk a few seconds with their neighbour then raise their hands when you call out each time. Finally have them ask the question as a class. Either just 'What time?' or 'What time is wake-up time?' Follow the same format for the next quiz.

Next say we're playing a point game. Before that introduce the first five times. They range from 'Dream time' to 'lunch time'. If you think they need more practice click on the clapping hands. This takes you to the next screen. The cards on this screen can be clicked on showing a star above the card. You can click on the star to remove it. I would suggest the 'eraser get' game. Put a star above one vocab item then the teacher 'claps' twice and says a vocab. The students then clap twice and repeat. But if the teacher calls the vocab with the star the students grab their erasers instead. This can be done in pairs as a race or just solo for practice. Once you've practiced enough continue to the next slide. If you felt they didn't need this extra practice then rather than clicking the clapping hands click the game controller and you'll skip this stage.

The point game. Demonstrate with the teacher and the ALT as a team. They pick a time, such as 10:00am and a time such as 'dream time' then together say 'Dream Time 10:00am' then click on that corresponding square and get points. Practice the four times a bit then make groups. This activity works best if there are no more than 6 groups. Otherwise there is too much waiting. I'd skip it for very large classes. Have the teachers tell the students they should decide what they want to chose, practice in their group a little then raise their hands when they are ready. Pick the first group when all the hands in that group are up. Let every group have a chance then go back for a second round. Two rounds is probably enough.

The vocab is broken up into two games. You can try to play both in the same session or split it into two classes and use the play again the next week.

The game over slide also has stars for the vocab if you want to practice with a clap game or eraser get game with the full vocabulary.

The powerpoint has a copy of the cards from the back of the textbook. If the students are cutting them out for karuta or something along those lines it can be handy to print out a few extras for kids that forget their textbooks.


Let's Try Two Lesson Four Cut Out Cards.docx

Let's Try Two Lesson Four Games and Practice.pptx

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Estimated time: I'd say 5 for teacher quiz, 10 for vocab practice and 15 for one round of the point game.

Submitted by: UonumaRobert

June 26, 2020


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