"What do you ~?"

A speaking and writing review worksheet for practicing "What do you usually ~?" with prepostional phrases.

This worksheet shows the students when to use the prepositions "on", "in", and "for".

WS Part 1: Speaking in pairs
Students ask each other questions like, "What do you usually [do on Sunday afternoon] / [do in the summer] / [have for lunch]?
When answering, the students can refer to the "Idea Box" on the second page.
Make sure to review the days of the week and the seasons (see the PowerPoint)
WS Part 2: Writing practice
The students can write what they talked about with their pair, or they can write about themselves.

*Note: The worksheet is 2 sheets. I like to print them out on a big A3 paper instead of front-and-back on an A4-sized paper that way the students can see the "Idea Box" on the 2nd page while doing the speaking part on the first page.
**Note 2: You may need to teach them "usually" and "free time".


2020 s 1 p38 what do you_ days and seasons.pptx

2020 s 1 p38 what do you _ final.pdf

2020 s 1 p38 what do you _ final.docx

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Estimated time: 30-35 minutes

Submitted by: rebvandev

July 16, 2020

UonumaRobert July 17, 2020

The presentation is excellent for vocab practice.

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