Who is he/who is she?

Students have to guess who the person is based on hints given .

1st grade- pg 37 – He is /she is (Textbook: Columbus 21 year 1 )
Part 1: As a warm up you could get one laminated A4 size paper and write words on it. The students have to give the JTE as much hints as possible using whatever English they know.
Before opening p.37 PowerPoint, do a quick demo to help the students get a gist of the lesson. Then begin the lesson with the PowerPoint. With this activity students have to guess who the person is based on the hints from the PowerPoint. Some slides have 3 hints others have two. They will again compete in teams (each seating column is one group). Give each team an A4 sized laminated paper and a white board marker and board cleaner (I use the little white cubed sponges from the dollar store). Each team will write their answer on them. They must answer using full sentences like e.g.“he is bugs bunny” “she is Dokinchan”.

Part 2: See “p.37 worksheet” Students will draw their favourite person or hero. Then write 2 small sentences about that person. Have the students present when they are finish.

NB: All activities can be modified to your liking. This is merely an idea of how you can approach the lesson. Feel free to edit this activity to suit your needs :)


p.37 who is he .pptx

p.37 worksheet.docx

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Estimated time: 45-50 mins

Submitted by: bealesarkozy

July 16, 2020

ALTPeter July 20, 2020

Hi really nice ppt activity. only thing is the order for Yoriko Koikes home town you have Hyogo in Kobe... it should be Kobe in Hyogo

rebvandev July 17, 2020

(solved) I like your quiz examples in the PowerPoint that are for specific people (Koike, Shohei, for example), but the general ones worry me a bit as they might reinforce gender stereotypes. Students might think you think that all doctors and train conductors should be male, for example.

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