How many times have you...?

students have to guess how many times i completed an activity

3rd grade
Textbook: Columbus 21 year 3
Pg. 27. “I’ve never seen him like this”.

Part one: With this PowerPoint i.e. “how many times have you…?” Students must guess the number of times I’ve done each activity on the pictured slides. For every correct guess the students will receive points for their groups. On the laminated A4 sized paper students must answer by writing “You have (verb) (noun) (once, twice three times…..)” Or "you have never ......" . For example: the first slide in the ppt is an image of a dentist with the question “how many times have you been to a Japanese dentist?” Students should respond to this question by writing “you have been to a Japanese dentist (once, twice, three times…..). I gave the students a range to work with to help narrow their guess.

Part two: present students with the worksheet. Students must write how many times they have done the activities. Have them share their experience with class. The worksheet I borrowed from an activity on this site. So you can essentially just make any worksheet.

NB: All activities can be modified to your liking. This is merely an idea of how you can approach the lesson. Feel free to edit this activity to suit your needs :)


p.27 How Many times have you.pptx

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Estimated time: 45-50 mins

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July 20, 2020

bealesarkozy August 20, 2020

No , I'm not a fan of raw fish

rebvandev July 29, 2020

You've never eaten sushi? You're going to fool all of your students with that one!

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