Let's Try Lesson Four Color Practice

A powerpoint to help do the first lesson of this unit.

Starts with a teacher quiz. Show the two colors and have the students guess which color you like. They can raise their hands as you point to one then the other. After that do an answer check. I think most classes can ask either 'What color?' or 'What color do you like?' in unison. After round one do the second round. This time with the HRT's favorite color. Its easy to change the colors to whatever you and the HRT want to use. That is easier than trying to change the animation.

Next practice the colors. It has eight colors. After introducing them I play the clap game. The ALT claps twice and says a color. The students then clap twice and repeat it. Do this a few times. Then level up. I have the kids get their pencil cases out. Demonstrate with the HRT. Click on one color to make a star appear. When you say that color rather than clap the students must grab their pencil cases and raise them above their heads. If you say a different color then they clap and repeat until you say the key color. They can race against the HRT teacher to try and raise their pencil case the fastest. Click on the star to make it vanish and then have the students pick a new color to play again.

Next shows the page from the book. Here I did a sign game. Demonstrate circling one of those colors on page 14 that you like best. Note you might have to say its not your favorite color just the one you like best of this selection. Then demonstrate with the HRT by making a pair and saying 'Hello, I like green' and the HRT 'Hello I like yellow'. 'Nice sign please'. You both then sign the color you like on the other's worksheet. If you are using the projector you can sign the whiteboard with a whiteboard marker as part of the demonstration. Practice a bit and let them wander around and collect signs for five minutes. If you are worried about social distance they can stay in their seats with one row moving each turn. In that version play for four rounds or so.

Next shows the rainbow from the book. Give the students a minute or two to color in their rainbow whatever colors they like. Then which over to the digital material and watch the videos of the kids from various countries. See how their rainbows compare to the ones in the videos.


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July 22, 2020


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