Will you dance?

This is a janken-style game where students ask each other "will you" questions and get points for completing the action (social distancing). This could also work for Can you, Could you, etc.

First, practice all the expressions on the first slide and demonstrate the appropriate action with each expression. Zoom in on each expression as you say it. Next, divide the class in half with an equal number of students on each team. Include the JTE if you need to.

The second slide is for explaining/demonstrating.

Game rules:
- 1 student from each team stands up, and they play rock-scissors paper.
- The winner looks at the screen and chooses a number.
- Delete the numbered box they chose, and you'll expose a word or expression with a red number. the red number represents points.
- The loser then asks the winner, "Will you [ ]?"
- If the winner says "Sure! OK!" etc., then they can do the action and get points. Some of the actions are embarrassing (dance/sing a song/shake my hand), so it's okay for the students to say no, but they won't receive points. An additional rule could be to let the janken-losing team receive points if the winner said "no".

This can be done as a warmup/short activity by taking a few volunteers only, but I had every student participate once, which took about 30-35 minutes (38 students).

*PowerPoint note: I don't know how to make the squares disappear by clicking on them, so I played the game in edit mode rather than slide show mode and actually deleted them one by one. If you have advice for editing the animations, please share.
**Note 2: Slides 3 and 4 are the same. I have it copied that way after I delete the numbered squares, I'll have a fresh copy for the next class.


2020 s 2 p32 will you.pptx

Total 1

Estimated time: 15-35 minutes

Submitted by: rebvandev

August 05, 2020

UonumaRobert August 06, 2020

Oops. Actually don't do that. I forgot they have another animation on them too they might cause problems. You'd have to delete that animation which you can do from the animation panel. Or copy a box from Let's Try What Time! and edit it and add numbers.

UonumaRobert August 06, 2020

Good idea letting 'no' be an option. That way shy kids aren't put too on the spot. As for the fade away animation. Copy one of the number boxes from my ABC and abc Window Game. They have the fade away animation already. Then just resize them and copy and paste as many as you need. You can move animated objects from one presentation to another and the trigger will still work.

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