Traffic Signs in the USA - Must/May

A short powerpoint with a quiz to introduce Must/Must not/May by comparing driving laws in Japan vs the US.

The JTE requested I make a presentation about this topic, since driving laws in the US are kinda wild compared to Japan.

I begin by teaching students about the differences in US driving laws. Students are amazed to hear that you can drive at age 16 (and get your permit at 15), and even drive to high school! I show the picture of the high school to show them the student/teacher parking lots. Many students think the picture is a shopping center at first!

The guessing quiz that follows shows a few different traffic signs in the US. Some slides are for comparison, some just show examples. I included some funny stop-sign graffiti, a pic of the famous "no U turn" sign on the Golden Gate, funny animal signs, etc etc. Tailor to suit your classes, of course.
After the presentation, I play a variation of Simon Says but I use the word "Must" instead of "simon says."

It's a very open-ended powerpoint but hopefully my work can help you plan the lesson you need!



Total 2

Estimated time: 15-20 mins

Submitted by: emilychampagne

August 20, 2020


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