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A picture for practicing 'how many' and stationery.

I use this with elementary school since the 'let's Try' textbooks use stationery as theme for 'how many do you have?' and 'I have a pen'.

Generally use it for speak and race activities. Students make groups and pick their order. Each group gets one picture. Both teachers should have a copy of the answer sheet. A teacher asks the first question 'How many rulers do you have?', they find the answer and one member comes to a teacher with the answer. If its correct tell them the next question. They should return to their group, say the question in English to their teammates and a new student will bring the answer to a teacher. Continue for about 12 questions.

I've added a powerpoint for introducing the key vocabulary. I use it to play the 'keyword game' also called the 'eraser get game'. If you click on the pictures a star appears. The picture with the star is the keyword. I broke it down into two levels so its not too much vocabulary at once.

Also added 'Oh No not 20' for a warm up to practice the numbers.

I would probably use 'OH No not 20' and the keyword game the week before doing this poster.

This can also be used for 'there is/there are' lessons.


Stuff on a Desk.docx

LT2-5 Oh No Not 20.docx

LT2-5 Keyword Game Vocab Practice.pptx

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Estimated time: 20 minutes including demonstration and practice

Submitted by: UonumaRobert

August 28, 2020


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