Election USA

A variation on Battle for Japan
This activity was inspired by:

Since it's 2020 and there is another election in America I've dusted this off and brought it out again this year. This is the original version of Invasion USA updated a little bit. I've included the rules on a word document rather than writing them here. Pretty much the same as Battle for Japan.

UPDATE: I've added a New Crown 2 version for 'He looks happy'. You use the START button to progress through the questions and answers. Question five is a little different. It is a trick question with three possible answers. Once they see the picture if you click on start again half will be covered. Click again and the other half will be covered. A third click shows the full picture and the final click brings up the answer.


0. Instructions for Election USA.docx

1. Election USA TEMPLATE.pptx

2. Election USA Worksheet.docx

3. Election USA Cards.docx

4. Election USA New Crown 3 Relative Pronouns.pptx

5. Election USA New Crown 2 'It looks fun'.pptx

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Submitted by: UonumaRobert

August 28, 2020


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