Let's Try One Lesson Five Vocabulary Practice

This is a powerpoint to help practice the vocabulary for this lesson. Useful for keyword game and teacher three choice quiz.

I use this in two ways.

First introduce the fruit vocabulary and then play the keyword game. Tell the students you are the boss and they should copy you. Then you clap twice and say 'I like apples', then they clap and repeat it. After a few rounds click on one fruit and say its the keyword (A star will appear). If you click on it they don't copy you they should touch their heads. Then go through a few fruits and then go with the keyword. Click on the star so it vanishes then get the students to pick another fruit and play again. Maybe do three times with fruits.

After that repeat the same process with the remaining catagories.

After finishing tell the students we'll play a quiz game. Go back to the fruits page and pick three fruits (click on them so they have stars). Tell the students they must guess which you like the best. Give them some thinking time then have them raise their hands for the fruit they think is the answer. Next tell them for answer check they must say 'What fruit do you like?' Have them repeat it a few times before you answer.

Next go onto the vegetables. If you are team teaching I suggest switching so the students guess the HRT's favorite vegetable.

Repeat for food and sports.

UPDATE: I added a class survey worksheet for the second lesson. The students in groups pick their topic then individually try to interview as many students or teachers as they can recording the answers and adding up the number of the same answer. Then after five minutes they get together as a group total their answers and draw the top three.


LT1-5 Teacher Quiz and Clap Game.pptx

LT1-5 Class Survey.docx

Total 0

Estimated time: 25 minutes for both activities

Submitted by: UonumaRobert

September 09, 2020


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