The ALTopedia Guide

Here are some handy links to help you find useful activities on ALTopedia.

You can use tags to find activities that follow a certain grammar point, theme, or part of learning. Click on a tag anywhere on the site and you'll find lots of similar activities!

Handy tags

Need to find a general game that can be used in a variety of situations?

Are you introducing yourself, or having students introduce themselves?

Reviewing vocabulary from a unit or lesson?

Are you at the end of the unit and want to review the material?

Do you have a Special Needs class?

Is your school taking social distancing measures into account?

Do you need a quick warm-up for the beginning of a class?

Looking for an activity based on a specific textbook?

Like to live dangerously? Want to check out activities that apply to grammar points that the site doesn't have yet?

No time to prepare? No materials? Need an activity to have in your proverbial pocket when you're on the spot?

Finding an activity based on a textbook

ALTopedia has listings for a lot of different textbooks used in Japanese schools. If you have a page number (or the general unit that it's in), the listings will show the most appropriate grammar point.

Power searching

Once you get the hang of the tag system, you can do a search for activities that have several tags. For example, you can look for a Junior High School activity that uses the question sentence and passive grammar, or a Warm-up activity that doesn't require any materials or preparation. Give it a try!