Online Lesson Resources

Teaching online can be quite an adjustment if you're used to classroom teaching, but there are also some neat things you can do when everyone is using a screen. If you know of anything useful, please get in touch on the Contact page!


  • Wheel of Names - This site lets you make a spinning wheel that randomly chooses one item. Good for choosing warm-up questions or picking a student at random.
  • Jeopardy Labs - Create Jeopardy-style quizzes in a web browser. The site is quite robust and has a lot of features.
  • Kahoot - A popular site that lets you make real-time quiz games. Each student needs their own computer or tablet.


  • ESL Games - This site has a lot of web-based activities like an automatic sentence scrambler that you can send to students as links. There's also a great collection of links to other sites with their own activities.
  • Ben Kuhn's video call guide - An excellent guide for techniques, equipment, and best practices for video calls.