Past Simple

He visited Kyoto last month.

  • Past Tense 2 Truths and a Lie

    Review past tense and was/were through the game two truths and a lie

  • Writing a Postcard

    Writing a postcard about Winter Vacation! This is specfically for page 108 in the New Horizon 1 textbook.

  • I Was Eating Ice Cream in the Library

    A conversation activity where student try to guess which person their partner is using basic 'I was' statements.

  • Did You Play BINGO?

    Classroom BINGO game to practice the question 'Did you _______?' and past tense verbs.

  • Past Tense Board Game

    Board Game for Past Tense

  • Activities to practice memories of school events

    A few activities to review, introduce and practice the target language

  • Disney Dollars

    Exciting speaking game (adaptable to other grammar points)

  • Reference Sheet for Past Tense Verbs

    A simple reference sheet made for ES 6th grade

  • Crazy Students (Simple Past)

    Matching students to description

  • Summer Photo Album

    When you have summer pictures, show them off with style

  • Simple Past Picture Story

    Students arrange the story in order and write the sentence in past tense.

  • Past Tense Art

    Zip file of about 40 illustrations portraying the past tense.

  • New Horizon 6/ Introduction to past tense

    A simple presentation about summer vacation to introduce the simple past tense of some verbs.

  • Bingo irregular verbs

    Students circle their own answers. And then ask each other about their answers.

  • Speed Speak

    A student and their partner both hold up a card with pictures, and they have to race each other to make a sentence first.

  • Teacher's Childhood

    Students write many sentences to guess what various teacher's childhoods were like. This uses past tense ~ed (and irregular verbs, but not necessary).


    This is a row based battle game

  • In the past

    Past simple fill in the blanks New Crown 1 Lesson 9 past tense

  • What's this Japanese culture?

    3-hint what's this quiz!

  • Tic-Tac-Toe

    Students practice speaking the grammar point while playing tic-tac-toe with a partner.

  • Uno Cards

    Who doesn't love card games?

  • Jeopardy Unit Review

    Jeopardy game show style PowerPoint to review multiple grammar and vocabulary from different lessons in various question format. Best used to review before a unit test.

  • Past Tense Sentences Snakes and Ladders

    Play "snakes and ladders" while making sentences using past tense

  • Past Simple Mystery Game "Who Dunnit"

    A "Who Dunnit" game where the class are detectives and interview five students to solve a mystery

  • Humpty Dumpty Game

    A pick the verb quiz and a writing game for simple past irregular verbs.

  • Magic Quiz

    A family feud style quiz game

  • Past Tense Dice Game

    This is a board/dice game that practices the irregular and regular past tense verbs. Students make one sentence each time they land on a square.

  • Past Tense Points

    Students get into groups and try to come up with past tense sentences that will give them the most points.

  • Eraser Get

    This is a quick and easy vocab review 'game' for 1st grade past tense verbs. Ideal for a quick review before doing a writing exercise.

  • Martin Luther King Jr Crossword

    Martin Luther King Jr Crossword

  • Winter Break Bingo

    Students ask each other if they did different activities over Winter Break. If the answer is "yes," they sign their names under the activity. The first student to have a Bingo wins.

  • A bunch of Questions for Quizzes

    Questions lists focused on various grammar points

  • What's Popular?

    Students interview their friends on what they enjoyed doing last night, write down their answers, and decide what activity is the most popular in their class.

  • Takuya Kimuras Best Friend

    Students learn the usage of the past tense while investigating a Japanese musician from SMAP, Takuya Kimura.

  • Kakokei Karuta

    "Kakokei" is Japanese for past tense. Students listen to the teacher read a sentence and slap the correct 'verb card'.

  • "Did you" Bingo

    Here are 32 different versions of a bingo sheet to use for reviewing, "Did you ---? Yes, I did. No, I didn't."


    A short small talk boardgame to practice simple past sentences and reactions.

  • Ichiro Activity

    A short reading comprehension activity about Ichiro.

  • English Conversation Board Game

    A bright and colorful board game focused on getting students to converse in English.

  • Shopping Yesterday

    Students read a short passage and answer the Past Tense questions.

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