Japanese background

Cultural Background

Activity assumes students are of a Japanese cultural background.

Recent activities
Traffic Signs in the USA - Must/May

A short powerpoint with a quiz to introduce Must/Must not/May by comparing driving laws in Japan vs the US.

CROSSWORD Past Participle

This is a good 3rd Grade JHS warm up activity without the pressure of learning the grammar target of 3rd Grade Lesson 1 English lesson.

Passive Voice Country Quiz

A listening and writing activity for 3rd year JHS students using facts about different countries.

Guess the Doraemon character

Students read descriptions of Doraemon characters (who have different names in English) and try to guess what their original Japanese names are.

Explain the Culture

Use either as a poster for 'say the word' or as cards for 'taboo' and 'karuta'

Sengoku Jidai PPT

A version of Sengoku Jidai made in Powerpoint. Instead of answers starting with the same letter as the prefecture, it has questions relating to the prefecture itself.

Omikuji Fortune Telling

Students draw fortunes (omikuji) from different categories to determine their futures!

100 Yen Shop

Students guess which items are 100 yen or antiques.

Paper Janken

Students practice asking and answering "Which is your favorite, A or B?" (or which do you like?) and play a modified version of janken.

Dice Station

A group game where students take turns calling out stations and giving directions while trying to win points.

Band Guess

Students try to guess the name of the band from pictograms.

Schedule Tic-Tac-Toe

Using the classic game, kids practice school subjects, days of the week, and using both in the context of a sentence.

This Is A Game I Played

A simple speaking and listening Janken-focused sugoroku that has students say, "What's this?" "This is a ..." many times.

Yamanote Line

Students pound on their desks and while practicing various English target vocabulary.

Passive Beginnings

This information gap game is pretty self-explanatory.

Doctor Patient Interview

Students take turns being doctor and patient, and interview each other following the dialogue on the worksheet.

Translation Relay

Students compete in small groups to translate Japanese sentences into English, relay style.

Character Looks

Students try to guess what character their partner is by using "Do you look ___?" questions.

Puzzle Scramble

This is a very flexible template for you to make sentence scramble lessons with puzzles. Students solve a puzzle and flip over the pieces to find a sentence.

I Think That (Q&A)

Students write their opinions on various people/things and then interview other students.

Can Fail Sentence Race

This activity has students making can/can't sentences using funny pictures that really emphasize the ability meaning of the can verb.

Future Deductions

Students try to uncover their partner's secret animal based upon deductive reasoning using future tense questions.

You Will Get Your Fortune

Students ask ALT and JTE for their fortunes by picking one out of three cards.

My Dream School

Students create their own school virtual school along with their dream rules.

5 W's & H

Students practice asking and answering questions using the 5Ws and H question words.

Fairy Tale Mad Libs

Students create hilarious stories by filling in missing verbs, adjectives and nouns based upon the classic stories of Cinderella and Momotaro, the Japanese version of Disney

Horoscope Review

Students review first year grammar points by playing Janken and finding their horoscopes.

Matsuko Deluxe Birthday

Students compete in rows to score points for being the first team to relay celebrity birthdays back to the ALT.

Seasonal Food (Shun) Game

Students guess the seasonal foods of Japan using passive voice.


Match the cards with the 'Why' question to the 'Because' answer, followed by a short interview game.

Popularity Contest

Students choose between various popular characters to slowly whittle down which is the most popular.

World Tour Game

Students practice the phrases "Where do you want to go?" and "I want to go to ~" in an exciting dice rolling game.

Shadow Guess

A silhouette quiz with the entire class followed by a similar quiz done in pairs.


Students use the names of Japanese prefectures to work on their spelling and vocabulary.


Just like the Sequence board game, teams battle to line up four cards in a row to win.

School Differences

Students identify which sentences describe American or Japanese schools.

Crazy Bus Race

Based on New Horizon's Speaking Plus 2 (grade1), students create their own dialogue using the Crazy Bus map and worksheet.


A game to get the students to practice the four parts of learning (reading, writing, talking and listening) while trying to find out who kidnapped Miki Ando.

Briiing Briiing Briiingo

Students learn simple telephone conversation English and practice it via bingo.

Who Which

Groups race to turn Japanese Relative Clause sentences into English ones.

Top 5 activities
  • Christmas Blast Power Point Game This is a template that I made that can be filled in to make a review game for almost anything. Since the questions are able to be customized, this power point can work at any level.
  • Do you know him/her? Peanuts Students learn about the characters in Peanuts and practice pronouns.
  • Pronunciation Tree L and R A pronunciation tree warm up activity that lets students practice difficult sounds.
  • Hugs And Kisses Students practice constructing sentences using two simple present tense verbs while playing a huge game of Tic-Tac-Toe.
  • Who kidnapped Miki Ando? Students translate Perfect Present sentences from Japanese to English in order to solve the mystery of who kidnapped Miki Ando.

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