Must/Have to

Grammar points

You must clean up your room. We have to go to my uncle's house tonight.

Recent activities
Save the Patient

A short repetition activity to practice "Do I have to ~" and "Have to~." This activity might not work with classes larger than 25 students.

Traffic Signs in the USA - Must/May

A short powerpoint with a quiz to introduce Must/Must not/May by comparing driving laws in Japan vs the US.

You Make the Rules! (have to/must)

Students pretend they're the leader of the school and can change any school rules they want!

School Differences

Students identify which sentences describe American or Japanese schools.

Gang War Battle Game

A powerpoint game useful for review.

Have To Crazy

Inspiration from the MAD magazine board game, Janken winners have to do various things according to what the losers tell them. Students have to do the crazy thing to get the signature.

Money Flip

Students practice the 'have to' grammar point while playing a board game and flipping fake money.


A very basic 'me too' mingler.

Canadian School Life

Practice 'have to' 'don't have to' and 'must not' with a powerpoint quiz about school life in Canada.

Signs Quiz

Practice 'you must' and 'you must not' with a quiz game

You Must Commands

Short pair activity. Good as a warm up.

You Must Board Game

A fun game to practice You Must


A dice rolling game to practice sentences with 'must' in them.

English Class Rules

This is a relatively quick game to practice the must/mustn't grammar form while also reviewing verbs and basic rules of behavior in English class.

Name That Sport

Students listen to the rules of various sports and must guess the correct sport.

Do You Have To Study?

Students try to get as many cards as possible by asking others what they have to do.

Class Rules

Students practice "must" and "must not" by thinking about the rules of various classes in English.

My Family's Rules

Students practice the modal verbs "must" or "have to" by writing about the rules of their household.

Top 5 activities

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