Home country: America (Hawaii)

Location: Wakayama

User bio: Current 2nd year ALT

This user's activities:
Boston T Map A modified map, and powerpoint of the Boston T (train system in Boston) to practice New Horizon Daily Scene 4 - giving directions. 1
Save the Patient A short repetition activity to practice "Do I have to ~" and "Have to~." This activity might not work with classes larger than 25 students. 1
Emotion Dialogue A dialogue making activity to practice the "emotion + to infinitive" grammar (ex. "I was happy to hear that.") 1
Picture Sentence Matching A game to practice the "Question words + to-infinitive" grammar (for ex. "how to" or "where to"). 1
School Sheriff Activity based on the Sheriff of Nottingham board game to practice "How many?" and plurals. Also uses "Show me" and "What's this?" Very complicated, but very fun. 1
Bomb Bomb activity to practice any Yes / No question type grammar points. 1
Story Students piece together a story while practicing grammar from the semester / year. Students read, write, listen, and speak in this activity. 0
Pokemon Evolution Was Were Use different pokemon evolutions to have the students practice "was" and "were." 1
Gimme Gimme An activity that has students running around to give you the item you ask for while practicing "This is / That is" and "Here you are." 1