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  • LGBTだけではくくれない個々人のセクシュアリティ (1).pdf (16.7 MB)
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    Submitted by kabochaski1990 June 7, 2021 Estimated time: 15
    1. dorbo June 8, 2021

      I like the idea, but pdf form is worst form. I can't make any changes.

      Also is there a way to change the Japanese to easy English? Right now it sort of feels like, 'Information about LGBTQ+ and you should love us", as opposed to "Let's use English to learn about LGBTQ+, what do you think?" I feel if it's on an English board, English should be the priority, not the topic.

      BTW, I am a huge LGBTQ+ fan and think it's a great topic.

    2. ernalivin June 11, 2021

      I also like the idea, but I think because it's in the pdf form, maybe some information got cut off. If you can also upload a .doc version, that would be great. Thanks!

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