Community Moderation

ALTopedia uses a system called Community Moderation to approve activities and comments before they are publicly visible on the site.

Community Moderators are volunteers that are normal users of the site. Moderators are anonymous and are appointed for limited periods of time.

Moderators look at activities and comments and decide whether they meet the site rules. For comments, it's a yes/no vote, but for activities, they can also request that the uploader revise the activity.

The site automatically follows the majority vote from active moderators. So if there are 3 active moderators, and 2 choose to approve an activity, it will be approved. Or if 2 choose to reject a comment, the site will remove it. In the case of an even number of moderators, a majority is considered to be half of the active moderator count (2 out of 4, for example).

The goal of the system is to involve a lot of people in the moderation process, and to make the decisions by what is hopefully a consensus view.

Moderators are given a code for their term when they start it, but the account name is not visible. Their moderation records are visible once their term is completed.

The currently active Community Moderators are:

Previous moderators:

Users can apply to be Community Moderators if they have an account that's at least 6 months old and in good standing.