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ALTopedia doesn't show it users any advertising at all. As you probably know, modern web ads are annoying at best and are often tools of privacy invasion. In ALTopedia, I can't use them in good conscience, so I don't.

This also means that the site has operated at a loss for most of its history, even though it's getting more expensive to run every month.

To offset this, and keep the site's incentives aligned between the users and the administration, the site has an optional subscription system.

Here's what you can get from a subscriber account:

No account Basic (free) account Subscriber account
No ads
View activities
Post your own activities
Make Activity Collections
Leave comments
Use a default site avatar
Use the Lesson Tracker (more information)
Upload a custom avatar
Use the Workshop feature to get more feedback on your activities
See a list of all comments on your activities and get notified about new ones on your Dashboard
Download file attachments up to 1 MB
Download file attachments up to 40 MB
Download file attachments larger than 40 MB

Subscriptions are granted using a system called Subscriber Tokens.

How do Subscriber Tokens work? (...)

A Subscriber Token grants your account one month (or several months, depending on how long it lasts) of subscriber system access.

When it's activated, your account is upgraded to Subscriber level until the token expires. Once the token expires, it will automatically activate any other unactivated tokens. In effect, this lets you "save up" subscription time so that you don't waste any if you purchase more tokens later.

If all of your tokens expire, your account turns back into a normal user account. You can resubscribe at any time. Your lessons in the Lesson Tracker will be viewable, but you can't create new lessons until you resubscribe.


Joining at the $4 USD/month tier will get you one token per month. When you join, please get in touch with your username and your tokens will be granted after every monthly billing cycle.


If you want to make one-off, non-recurring contributions, you will be granted one Subscriber Token for every 500 JPY you donate through Ko-fi. Please mention your account name or get in touch after you make a contribution.