Classroom Screen (Website recommendation)

This is a free website that can be used on any tablet or computer and has a number of widgets that can be used for a variety of lessons.

I posted this website in the description of a previous activity, but I'm not sure if others have mentioned using this site before. One of my JTEs and I use this site quite often just for stopwatches and/or timers. It has a randomizer (could be names, conversation topics, foods, etc), polling (students can join using a QR code or link), and much more. Accounts are free and there is a Pro option (I've never used it). This website is honestly just very convenient to have and if you've never seen or heard of this website, give it a try! It might make some of your lessons more fun.

Submitted by MrMomotaro September 25, 2023 Estimated time:
  1. TakoyakiTacos September 26, 2023

    This is actually a very useful tool that I see myself using a lot. Thanks for the find.

  2. kusobaba September 26, 2023

    Looks like it could be really useful. Thanks for sharing.

  3. redshirt September 26, 2023

    That looks really useful. Cheers!

  4. maddyabrown October 4, 2023

    I love it!

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