New Deal for ALTs - June 2023 Symposium

Thank you again to all the ALTs who responded to General Union's first ever national survey of working conditions.

The survey ran from June 27th 2022 to March 31st 2023. With over 600 respondents, the survey can be used to start pushing for reforms. Already a number of local and national politicians as well as the press have taken interest in this work.

A symposium will be held on Zoom on Monday, June 26th at 19:30. Anyone and everyone is welcome to join: JET participants, direct-hire ALTs, dispatch company employees, JTEs, and other colleagues and friends.

RSVP to the National Survey of ALT Working Conditions "New Deal for ALTs" Symposium here.

Read more about the campaign in the earlier articles on ALTopedia here and here. More information is on the dedicated website and the General Union's website.

Let's improve working conditions for ALTs and improve education.
  1. Topaz79 May 31, 2023

    I know so many ALTs that are dedicated teachers. I think better working conditions can only help us be better educators

  2. Gaijingaiden May 31, 2023

    Given the rising cost of living, it's getting harder and harder for a lot of ALTs to survive and companies aren't offering the wages needed to keep good teachers. Anything that can help remedy that is welcome.

  3. TakaSakaShoALT May 31, 2023

    A chance to spread some awareness about the deteriorating conditions in the industry. Many of our Japanese coworkers have no idea about non-JET conditions. Just in the 8 years I've been here I've seen hours up and wages down. Interac is now starting people at 215000 a month! They ask us to be professional and get better and better but we get paid the same, OR EVEN LESS.

  4. Listener June 21, 2023

    I truly feel bad for anyone that does three times the amount of work I do for the same salary. I usually have about 4-5 hours of free time every day and I never thought I would hate it. It feels so unfufilling and even if I were to have more work, I would just be even more upset by the salary (especially after taxes and insurance).

    Not to mention the idea of co-teaching and hoping you get along with the JET. Without proper training and experience, it is difficult to make a good impression on them. A lot has to change.

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