Unit or Year Review

This activity is intended to review material covered over a unit or school year.

  • Blue Sky Grade 6 Unit 2 Review

    Blooket that reviews everything covered in Blue Sky Grade 6 Unit 2 "Welcome to Japan."

  • NH1 AhaSlides Collection 🎮

    A review game collection for JHS New Horizon 1 (2021 Edition).

  • Blue Sky Grade 5 Unit 2 Review

    "My birthday is..." Students review months of the year, number endings (st, nd, th, rd), and target language of Blue Sky Elementary Grade 5 Unit 2.

  • Review of New Horizons 3 through p. 23

    A worksheet to review New Horizons 3 through p.23. Designed for basic students


    Uses of gerunds


    Bingo cards with sentences that can be used for many different units as review or practice to be used on Loilo Note.

  • Birthday Logic Puzzles (SPYxFAM themed)

    Logic puzzle that gets students reading! 3 puzzles escalating in difficulty

  • Typhoon Mayhem - Review Game 🌀

    A new (?) and fairer way to play Typhoon that gives all teams a chance to pick a card each round.

  • Crown Jr 6th Grade Lesson 1 Review

    This is a game to review lesson 1 called "We Land"

  • Is he...? / Is she...? ("Who am I?") Game!

    Repurposed version of a lesson I made for elementary school, aimed at JHS 1年生 who are learning pronouns.

  • Monthly Newsletter - May

    I decided to make a monthly newsletter for each grade (using New Horizon), employing grammar from what unit (I hope) we're studying that month.

  • NH2, U1: Unit Activity, Summer Vacation Planning

    Students are tasked with planning and making an itinerary for their summer vacation using going to~ and will~.

  • New Horizon Kahoot Collection 🌐

    A collection of all the kahoots I've made for JHS New Horizon 1, 2 & 3 (2021 Edition). This collection also includes kahoots I made for the mini games (Tallest Tower, Robot Run, etc.)

  • Mario Kart Review Game

    A polished Google Slides and item deck set for the classic Mario Kart review game!

  • Let's Try 2 Unit 2 How's the weather? Quiz

    Quiz based on sunny, cloudy, rainy, and snowy weather. Also includes the mentioned sports and activities from the textbook (make a snowman, play cards, play dodgeball, play tag etc.)

  • Junior Sunshine 6th Grade Unit 1 Review Kahoot

    A Kahoot I had put together to review the end of unit 1 in the Junior Sunshine 6 textbook for elementary school. Covers "I like...", "I can...", "I'm good at..." etc.

  • End-of-Year 6th Grade Q&A Review PPT Game

    A competitive game that reviews the English covered in the 5th and 6th grades, and you can use to converse with students by asking follow-up questions related to the answers they give.

  • Months of the Year

    12 Months of the Year Along with Corresponding Typical American Holidays

  • Let's Try 2: Unit 2 (Weather Board game)

    This is a weather board game I created using Canva. Attached to this are large picture cards and the game board. This was inspired by thaist.

  • New Horizon 5th Grade Unit 1 Kahoot

    A quick kahoot to review unit 1 of the 5th grade New Horizon textbook.

  • Class Subjects Blooket Review

    Review for Unit 1: Blue Sky Grade 5. Focuses on subjects in school as well as lowercase letters.

  • New Horizon 6th Grade Unit 1 Kahoot!

    A quick and easy kahoot quiz to review unit 1 of the New Horizon textbook for 6th graders.

  • Are you? Do you? Can you? Jeopardy

    Follows New Horizon 1 Unit 1. Students create "Are you? Do you? Can you?" questions while playing jeopardy.

  • Ghibli Sugoroku Board

    Studio Ghibli inspired Suguroku board. Can be used for any grammar or review.

  • Bowser Bingo!

    Ice-breaker bingo activity for large groups - multiple classes & grades combined.

  • King Koopa's Cup

    A conversation-based card game inspired by the popular drinking game King’s Cup.

  • Mario Review Board Game

    A Mario cart themed board game to review various grammar points.

  • Cupid's Messenger 📣❤️ (Ver. 2)

    A simplified and linear version of one of my popular games I play at my schools. This version is easier to run. I thought it was worth making a new post since the layout is now completely different.

  • Paper Mario Quiz Battle

    A review activity where two teams take turn answering questions, reducing their opponents health until they defeat the other team

  • Legend of Zelda Directions Maze

    Let students help you guide Link through an interactive maze, giving directions while trying to reach the top floor and save Zelda.

  • Bomb Review Game (3rd Grade Review)

    Bomb game for my incoming 4th graders, intended to review 3rd grade materials. Can be used for both grades depending on your class.

  • Splatoon - Sniper Shot ᔦꙬᔨ

    A simple game where students try to figure out what the word, picture, or sentence is by looking through a sniper scope.

  • Here We Go! 6年生 Key Sentence Board

    Key Sentences for the new version of Here We Go! for 6th grade.

  • Mario Kart Quiz

    A game teachers in my prefecture created, not just for English, but for all subjects.

  • Mass Kahoot Drop

    All the Kahoots I made to review the New Horizon textbooks

  • Kingdom Battle - Review Game 🏯

    Students work in teams to claim prefectures across Japan while trying to protect their own.

  • Dots & Boxes ・・・■

    A classic pen-and-paper game where students must make a sentence/say a word to draw lines on a grid to make boxes. (The theme is heavily inspired by Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwide Classics)

  • Battleship Past-Tense Verbs JHS 1年

    Practice asking and answering questions using past-tense verbs and words indicating time, to find out your opponent's ship locations, faster than he finds out yours. 6 different versions

  • Jeopardy Year-End Review JHS 1年 One World Chap1-7

    Powerpoint File with sounds, animations. Editable.

  • Jeopardy Year-End Review JHS 1年 One World

    Powerpoint File with sounds, animations. Editable.

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