Unit or Year Review

This activity is intended to review material covered over a unit or school year.


    How to use the conjunction BECAUSE

  • New Horizon 5 Unit 4-6 Review (Kahoot! Game)

    Kahoot game to review New Horizon 5 (unit 4-6)

  • One World Smiles 5 2nd Semester review Kahoot

    A 24 question Kahoot covering Units 4, 5, and 6 of the One World Smiles 5th grade textbook.

  • Comparative and Superlative review quiz game

    I made this quiz for Junior High School Second Grade students to review comparative and superlative. It lasts 30-45 minutes, depending on your students' abilities and how you conduct the game.

  • JHS (is/are/am) Review

    An activity to help students remember the difference between is, are, and am. We were specifically reviewing Unit 8 (be +動詞ing) but this can be used as general review if they're having trouble.

  • 🌱Let's make your pencil case! ✏️📐4th grade

    🤝Students make pairs and create their own pencil case, using the stationery they want. 👬Then their friend tries to recreate the same pencil case. This is a scratch game!

  • XMAS Tree Boardgame 🎄

    Try to be the first one to reach the star on top of the 🎄 with this Christmas-themed boardgame template!

  • Connect Four 🟡🔴 (Pair Game)

    A great way to incorporate a classic game into a fun speaking activity where they have to say a sentence before they can drop the chip.

  • Battle for Japan: Generalized version

    Capture as many prefectures as possible by getting the correct answers.

  • 🌱Let's make a pizza🍕 4年 What do you want?

    Tablet activity for 4th/ Practice "What do you want?" by crafting the ultimate pizza with the toppings your friends crave! 🤝👬 Ignite the joy of collaboration and unleash your culinary creativity in

  • Haikyuu Trading Cards

    SWBAT effectively make comparative and superlative sentences using trading cards.

  • Listening Activity Collection of JHS 1nensei

    based on One World 1 JHS 1nensei Lesson 5 Tips for Listening #2 page 74

  • Why...because snap!

    Based of the Snap! card game. I used it as a warm-up for my JHS 1st grade students to practice why...because. It helps students practice reading, speaking and listening.

  • JHS 三年生 Unit 4 Review (Pokémon Knowledge Quest)

    Review Unit 4 using fun Pokémon graphics to get students excited!

  • Thanksgiving Don't Pop the Balloon (google slides)

    An American Thanksgiving themed, team-based review game

  • What do I do here?

    A speaking and reading activity that is a combination of where and command grammar points

  • Luigi's Mansion - Halloween Trick or Treat

    This game is a combination of Jeopardy and point-and-click style games. Ultimately it plays out like review games, but it allows some agency for students.

  • Cat Master Game

    English Game with rules similar to Moose Master

  • Trick or Treat!

    Fun time-flexible points game themed after trick o treating during Halloween

  • 3 Hint Quiz

    This is a review of the grammar points in New Horizon 1 Unit 5

  • New Horizon 6 Unit 5 Educaplay activities

    Fun ways to practice target language and vocabularies.

  • Exploding Kittens 💥🙀 (Ver. 2)

    I made a lot of changes to add some "extra flavour". The original PPT is made by Tay (Tay's Teaching Toolkit). I included some BG music, a 30 sec timer, made new rare cards, and other neat stuff.

  • 6年生 Trick or Treat Quiz Game

    (Original by mssamansa)A jeopardy / typhoon style quiz game with a Halloween twist!


    Kill your students in this point based review game.

  • Kahoot HWG1 Unit 4+5

    A kahoot covering units 4 and 5 of the Here We Go! 1 text book.

  • Haunted Door

    This is a 3rd grade JHS unit activity. Student should choose the correct door. If they chose the correct answer, they could see a surprise or a monster.

  • Kahoot! game (One World 1)

    An online interactive game intended for 1st graders to review One World 1 ~ Lessons 4 and 5.

  • Mario Review Game

    This game is a simple review game that the class can play in teams or individually.

  • Typhoon 🌀

    A review game where students play in teams and answer Qs in hopes of getting a good card. Bu they’re at risk of sabotaging themselves or all teams! In this post, I’ll show you different ways to play.

  • "I Can" Boardgame

    ES 5nensei OneWorld Lesson5 "I Can ..." Speaking Practice Activity Boardgame with all the verbs / phrases learned specifically to OneWorld textbook

  • Guess who animal crossing KEYNOTE

    Animal sounds, where they live and what they eat 3 hit game.

  • Trick or Treat! - Halloween Theme Review Game

    A fun review game with a Halloween theme!

  • Let's Try 2, Units 1-9, Vocab, Blooket

    Blooket study sets to be used as in-class game activities or assigned as at-home review. Each set covers the vocab learned or reviewed in that unit. You can use any of the Blooket games with these!

  • Let's Try 1, Units 1-9, Vocab, Blooket

    Blooket study sets to be used as in-class game activities or assigned as at-home review. Each set covers the vocab learned or reviewed in that unit. You can use any of the Blooket games with these!

  • Lesson Review-Jeopardy: JHS 3年生 OneWorld Lesson3-4

    Jeopardy Game Show powerpoint file specifically for JHS 3nensei One World, Lesson 3-4 Unit Review Reduced Relative Clause, Relative Pronouns

  • Animal Sounds

    Warm-up activity

  • One World - 3年生 (Review Game) ~ Lesson 4 and 5

    A fun and engaging online game for third grader students reviewing sentence patterns and vocabulary learned from Lessons 4 and 5.

  • Word Search & Crossword Collection ✏️

    A collection of all my Word Searches and Crossword Worksheets I've made for my English Board. When students complete the worksheet, they're rewarded with a stamp/sticker.

  • Unit 3 Review (New Horizon 1)

    This is a textbook review to help student remember past lessons and readings.

  • Battle for Tokyo

    A strategy game where teams try to control as much of Tokyo as possible! Used in tandem with quiz type questions.

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