Students listen in the activity.

  • NH2 - I know 疑問詞 - 2 Truths & 1 Lie

    Play 2 truths 1 lie to practice the key sentence [subject] know(s) [interrogative] [verb] blah blah... STS practice original writing, reading, and listening.

  • Sugoroku Review (Let's try 1,2)

    Fun Sugoroku game to help students remembering what they've learned. I mainly designed it for elementary school grades 3 and 4, but if you change the pictures you could used it for any grade.

  • 🌱Let's make your pencil case! ✏️📐4th grade

    🤝Students make pairs and create their own pencil case, using the stationery they want. 👬Then their friend tries to recreate the same pencil case. This is a scratch game!

  • XMAS Tree Boardgame 🎄

    Try to be the first one to reach the star on top of the 🎄 with this Christmas-themed boardgame template!

  • Vocabulary Ping Pong (Warm-up Game)

    Vocabulary Ping Pong was mainly designed for elementary school students, but I think it could also be used in junior high classes as well.

  • Writing for Sounds Phonics

    Uses letters C K E H R M D to make words that students listen to and then write to check for phonics understanding

  • New Horizon 1 Unit 6 Activity

    Worksheet for practicing speaking and writing the key sentences in the Unit.

  • Listening Practice (TV Shows)

    Short clips from Friends, The Big Bang Theory, and cartoons. Goes with a worksheet to fill in the dialogue.

  • Food Ohajiki (Let's Try 1! Unit 5)

    Multiple games that can be used with this powerpoint. Elementary school students grade 3 level .

  • What would you like? (New Horizon 5 Unit 6)

    Simple powerpoint calculator that helps elementary school grade 5 students to practice sentences such as: What would you like? Would you like something to drink? Etc...

  • Snowball of Friendship

    A game to get students practicing writing, reading, listening, and speaking. Minimal materials required.

  • Singular Verbs ( Intro of Family and Friends)

    These are activities for practicing the singular verbs.

  • Connect Four 🟡🔴 (Pair Game)

    A great way to incorporate a classic game into a fun speaking activity where they have to say a sentence before they can drop the chip.

  • Simple NH2 Page 81 Activity

    Students will learn page 81 in New Horizons 2 and then practice the important parts of the dialogue.

  • Colors "Life Game" (Let's try1 ! book)

    A fun game to help elementary school grade 3 students to learn colors.

  • Flags E.S.Grade 3 Guessing game

    Powerpoint game designed to help elementary school grade 3 students learn the name of some countries. (Let's Try! 1 book).

  • Hunt for the ~ing (7年) Halloween themed

    Children look for ing related pictures in their textbook

  • Hunt for the ~ing 1 & 2 (9年)

    Children look for ing related pictures in their textbook

  • Job Fair.

    This game is to practice I can/ I can't in a real world roleplay setting.

  • Spelling Activity

    A simple game to help elementary school students grades 3 and 4 to learn how to spell.

  • Where is ○○?

    Working as pairs, students must navigate and give each other directions in their classrooms turned into their town.

  • American Money Presentation

    A short presentation aimed at 5-6年生 discussing American currency and prices

  • Pronunciation game (Minimal pairs)

    Pronunciation game focusing on listening and speaking skills differentiating 'r' & 'l', 'v' & 'f', and 's' & 'th' sounds.

  • 3 Hint Character Quiz 2

    3 hint character quiz for ES grade 5 and 6 and all JHS grades

  • 🌱Let's make a pizza🍕 4年 What do you want?

    Tablet activity for 4th/ Practice "What do you want?" by crafting the ultimate pizza with the toppings your friends crave! 🤝👬 Ignite the joy of collaboration and unleash your culinary creativity in

  • 🌱 Let's make a parfait🍨 4年 What do you want?

    Tablet activity for 4th 🌈 Dive into an exciting world of learning with our specially crafted Scratch game! 🚀 In this interactive experience, students team up to create delightful parfaits. 🍨👫

  • What's in your room?

    Students practice using "There is/are" to describe what's in their room.

  • Haikyuu Trading Cards

    SWBAT effectively make comparative and superlative sentences using trading cards.

  • Clue: Robbery

    Mystery game based on the Clue (Cluedo) board game. Students will use "If I were you, I would..." to give the police tips about the crime.

  • Asking for directions.

    Easy activity to help students learning how to ask for directions.

  • Shapes Collection of Activities

    based on Let's Try 1 textbook, ES 3nensei, Unit 7 pages 26-29 Lesson Plan for 4 weeks, worksheets, materials I will try to update this as we go along this lesson

  • Listening Activity Collection of JHS 1nensei

    based on One World 1 JHS 1nensei Lesson 5 Tips for Listening #2 page 74

  • Tips for Explaining Things and People - Taboo Game

    based on One World JHS 2nensei Lesson 5 Tips for Speaking #4 page 64

  • Movie Mania Trivia 🎥

    A PPT with lots of fun questions about popular movies and TV shows. This is perfect as a warm up game or a full-sized lesson. It's also a great way to show them popular movies dubbed in English!

  • Why...because snap!

    Based of the Snap! card game. I used it as a warm-up for my JHS 1st grade students to practice why...because. It helps students practice reading, speaking and listening.

  • How much is it? Using coins.

    Here are sheets with various sums of Japanese money on them. I used this for 6th grade at elementary school. At the moment they need to practice saying various prices.

  • Shapes

    Bring me! (Shapes and Colors)

  • Ordering at a Restaurant_Speaking Practice

    Specific to practicing the One World JHS 1年生 Lesson 6 Useful Expressions_Shopping p.85 Ordering at a Restaurant Role Play Mechanics and Materials

  • Which do you like~ Interview

    Inspired by this interview map: https://www.altopedia.net/activities/2089-which-do-you-like-x-or-y-interview-map

  • Megumi taught me how to play BINGO.

    A classroom bingo game that practices the statement 'told/showed/taught me how/when/where/what to~?'

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