Students listen in the activity.

  • Similar Sounds Game

    A warm-up activity to practice listening and pronunciation.

  • Hello! How are you? (Starter Activity)

    Let's look at simple conversations featuring beloved characters!

  • Manners in Canada must/have to

    A true/false powerpoint activity with questions about must-know Canadian manners.

  • Who/What/When/Where/How

    A lesson to review the various 'Wh' words including 'How'.

  • Money Money Clothes Shopping activity

    An activity meant to help students practice speaking and some basic shopping skills. Useful for class sizes of 10 or fewer students.

  • Pokemon Maps - Oh no Kabigon!

    Students practice giving directions in pokemon themed maps with Kabigon (Snorlax) blocking paths.

  • Alphabet Pyramid

    A good activity to practice alphabet or phonics.

  • 2年生 Review Questions (Units 0-3)

    Review questions for JHS 2nd Graders - covering Units 0-3

  • How many ~ Interview activity (Plural nouns)

    A fun gap fill activity for 1st graders to reinforce their knowledge of plural nouns and quantifiers.

  • Grammar Lesson: Present Simple

    What is present simple...? How to create present simple? How to create NEGATIVE present simple? When to USE present simple?! What are yes/no questions?! And what the HECK are wh- questions?!

  • Can you play Bingo

    Class activity

  • New Horizon 6 Final Writing Worksheet

    This worksheet is a two-page document that's meant to be printed on both sides.

  • You can eat...It's...

    This is for the Unit 3 of New Horizon 6' lesson about food. More specifically, to practice the sentences, "You can eat..." & "It's (taste)."

  • I want to go to...You can see/visit

    A presentation about different countries and what they can visit or see there.

  • Color Bingo

    Students color in the bingo squares per their liking and the teacher randomly picks/draws colors.

  • "" Who are these people?!

    Simple half-worksheet - Students complete sentences for "It is easy/hard/fun/important for me to ______" and the teacher reads them, students guess who wrote it.

  • What time is it, Mr. Wolf?

    Call and response game where students move forward the number of steps Mr. Wolf calls out and when Mr. Wolf says dinner time, he chases the students. First student caught becomes Mr. Wolf.

  • Jobs and Professions flashcards

    Some are very specific but they are all what my students want to be.

  • How long~?

    To practice the grammar expression for the Unit.

  • Animals in the U.S.

    A simple PowerPoint showcasing the different state animals of the U.S.

  • Easy Schedule Tic-Tac-Toe

    I edited the original schedule tic-tac-toe (linked at bottom) to go with Let's Try 2 Unit 3's target sentences.

  • When/If Dynamite

    Students use when and if to describe as many situations as they can before the time runs out.

  • 3-Hint Quiz It's (important) for me to~

    A guessing game activity that challenges 3rd grade students' ability to listen, comprehend and eventually guess who among their classmates is being described

  • Pronouns Guessing Game

    Introduce pronouns and have students use their pronouns to make a guessing game!

  • NHE5 Unit 4: Who is this? Game

    NHE5U4: Using the "they can" grammar point, students have to figure out which character the teacher is talking about.

  • Subjects- Let's Find Kirby + Stereo Game

    Review and practice Elementary school subjects while trying to find Kirby and playing Stereo Game

  • Interview Bingo (What's your hobby?)

    This uses the New Crown 2 grammar and vocabulary from page 43's drill section. This can be edited to make the sentences more complicated and to include different hobbies from the ones listed.

  • Comparing Pokemon!

    Comparing Pokemon to each other based on easy to identify characteristics

  • What have you been into recently/for a long time?

    This is a writing activity that brings out 3rd grade students' ability to express themselves through writing. You'll be surprised that they could actually write and love to express themselves!

  • What Color is Among Us?

    Find the impostor! (Colors Practice)

  • LT1 U3: How Many? Counting Practice PowerPoint

    A guaranteed* hit with any class, this PowerPoint has students count things they actually find interesting, like popular anime characters, instead of apples and erasers. *not guaranteed

  • We call~ A B .Sunshine (Program 3)

    A fun activity that u can use for a review or u can just have this as a quiz when you have spare time. This quiz is about anime characters name and ss will guess how do we say those names in English.

  • Must and mustn't (School Rules in Philippines)

    This is a true or false quiz about schools in my country (Philippines)

  • Food Miles

    An addition to NH3 food miles topic p. 34

  • Guess Who!

    The classic Guess Who! game (with just printouts) to practice "do you have" and "are you" questions.

  • Name 5 (Infinitive - Adjectival)

    'Name 5'-style trivia game that uses the infinitive (adjectival).

  • "The Garden" point game

    A simple game based on Typhoon - but instead of natural disasters, it's crows in your flower garden! Good for any kind of review and small classes.

  • Where do you have English today?

    Students fill in the missig information by completing the conversation using where and when.

  • T & T Game (PowerPoint Version)

    Based on the T&T Game submitted from Englipedia Archive. This is a PowerPoint version that doesn't require printing point cards or game board.

  • My Conbini 'How many' 'I want to ...'

    Reviews 'How many' and plural 's' as well as 'I want to buy...'

  • Top 5 activities

  • Super Mario Christmas Blast

    A fun Christmas Mario-themed quiz game, where teams battle each other in a test of knowledge! Built off the original Super Mario Typhoon by Alexander Grant.

  • Gehn's Labyrinth

    Directions game with physical maps.

  • 4 hint quiz

    A quiz giving easy hints to an animal that the students guess.

  • Foods from Around the World

    A sleek and simple cultural presentation showing off traditional and famous foods from countries around the world.

  • Code Breakers

    ALT reads a series of numbers and students must convert them to letters to figure out the secret word.

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