The teacher can use this activity to start a class.

  • Code Breaker - Emoji Sentences

    Using emojis, the learners have to guess what the English sentence is. Aimed at JHS and for English Board.

  • Tongue Twisters

    Some Tongue Twisters you can maybe use to help with tricky sounds.

  • JHS New Horizon 1 U4 pg41 "what time is it now?"

    this is a worksheet and conversation game.

  • A Trivia Quiz

    I made this trivia quiz as a warm-up activity for my classes. It contains random facts with some explanations.

  • English "kotowaza" Warm-up Quiz... 2!

    A second edition to the first English kotowaza quiz I posted before. Best for small classes or a team activity; time filler.

  • to (infinitive practice) with fun pictures

    I used A.I. to make funny pictures to practice the use of "to" and infinitives.

  • Splatoon Splatfest ᔦꙬᔨᔦ⚯ᔨᔦఠఠᔨ

    Teams place their squid in columns 1, 2, or 3. The number of eggs they receive depends on the column they choose. However, if a Salmonid attacks the column they're in, their team gets wiped out!

  • Hot Potato!

    A short activity ideal for warm-ups or filling spare time. Students are randomly picked to answer questions from the ALT.

  • End of Semester Games

    One PDF for 3rd-6th grade with 5 different game activities in English and Japanese (to show to your HRT or T1/T2). There are cutouts for you to use. The picture cards have 6 topics.

  • Spot it/Keyword game (time filler)

    The first player to call out identical pictures and grab the eraser wins the game.

  • Katakana quick quiz

    Little prep vocabulary review warm-up activity.

  • (Are you...?) Guessing Game

    Guessing game done aloud, in pairs, for a variety of grade levels and grammar points

  • Top 3

    Based on New Horizons 2, pg. 42 grammar "It is"

  • What Makes Me Happy?

    Short presentation/game based on New Horizon 3, pg.12 grammar "makes"

  • All About Summer: I want to~

    Ideal for Class 6 or special class with worksheet but no writing. It may be used at 5th or 6th grade elementary school.

  • "Who's this?/What's that?" Writing Game

    Based off New Horizon 1, pg. 22 grammar "Who's this?/What's that?"

  • Unit #3 Scene #2 WS

    Based off pg. 38, New Horizons 3, grammer "want/to know"

  • Mini Activity Pg.39 WS

    A worksheet based off the mini activity on pg. 39 of New Horizon 2

  • Unit #2, Scene #2 WS

    based off New Horizon 3, pg.22

  • "Have you ever" WS

    Based on New Horizon 3, pg. 10, grammar "Have you ever"

  • 3rd Grade JHS Unit #2 WS

    Based off of the grammar "have" on pg. 21 in New Horizons 3

  • New Horizon 2 Pg.11 WS

    A worksheet inspired from New Horizon 2 pg. 11

  • Special Education Lesson

    Do you like? Yes I do! No I do not (don't)

  • This or That Presentation

    Based off New Horizons 1 pg. 20, grammar "This is/That is"

  • Let's Talk New Horizons 2

    Based off the let's talk pg.31 in New Horizons 2

  • Let's Talk

    Based off pg. 29 New Horizons 3, "Let's Talk Activity"

  • Star Wars

    Based off New Horizons 1 pg. 32, grammar "want to"

  • Sonic vs Shadow

    Based on New Horizons 1 pg.34 over the grammer "How many"

  • Super Mario

    A writing activity based on New Horzions 3 pg. 22, grammar "Have"

  • Wheel of Fortune

    A writing activity based on New Horizons pg. 37 over the grammar "to"

  • "That" Speaking Game (Sonic vs Shadow)

    A speaking game focused on the grammar "That" and words "thinks, hopes, says, and knows". Based off New Horizons 2 pg. 26.

  • Who/What WS

    Focused on New Horizons 1 pg. 22 over the grammer "Who/What"

  • "When" WS - 1st Grade

    Foucsed on the grammar point "when" on pg. 30 of New Horizons 1

  • "If" Writing Game (Pg.24 New Horizon 2)

    This is a short competitive writing game focusing on the grammar "if".


    Fun and simple warmup game.

  • Memory Challenge (time filler)

    Players try to memorize the details of the pictures for a limited time. (Elementary level)

  • Interjections

    Short reaction phrases that we use on a daily basis.

  • 📝🧠How Many? Trivia Quiz🧠📝

    (NH1, Unit 3 Part 2) A quick multiple choice trivia game to practice the phrase "How many?"

  • I'm (happy) to ______.

    Students play janken and create I'm (happy) to (hear that) sentences that go along with New Horizon Grade 2 Unit 3. Can be used as a warmup or quick activity.

  • Japanese Prefectures 3 Hint Quiz

    A 3 hint quiz that works best for JHS and HS level English classes.

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