The teacher can use this activity to start a class.

  • Tongue Twisters Race

    A game to exercise students tongue into English words.

  • Mad Libs: Valentine's Day

    I've provided 2 Mad-Libs that use basic parts of speech. The one for 2nd and 3rd years uses comparatives. I titled them "Ad-Libs" to avoid copyright issues.

  • Daily Activities Review

    This is a quick activity for reinforcing the vocabulary 5th graders are currently using.

  • Mad Libs: Comparatives and Superlatives

    I've provided 2 Mad-Libs that use nouns and comparative and superlative adjectives. I titled them "Ad-Libs" to avoid copyright issues.

  • I always... I never... practice actitives

    These activities help students understand "always," "usually," "sometimes," and "never".

  • Who is your hero? Superhero Battle

    A warm up game to get students asking about each others heroes.

  • Warm-Up Roulette

    Roulette/chance game for any grade level. Very flexible and fun with no preparation time. Great for review for older students (JHS+) or if you want to review specific vocabulary/key sentences.

  • Other ways to say “very + adjective” Kahoot

    An Altopedia user, juliahoolia, put some nice English board materials on here a while ago. I’ve made a Kahoot from one of them which might be useful for 3rd graders and high level/grouped 2nd graders.

  • Music Quiz!!

    As we're nearing the end of the school year and students are exhausted from testing, I've decided to make a really fun and interactive song quiz for them to enjoy!


    A very simple game with no preparation needed.

  • I`m good at~. I want to be~.

    These are just sample sentences about the things they are good at and what they wanna be.

  • Various Memory Cards

    Printable themed "memory" (shinki suijaku) cards for special needs and elemetary school.

  • Wordle- Game Board + Rules

    I made a simple Wordle game board + rules presentation.

  • Who is he/she? Silhouette quiz, people, jobs

    Silhouette guessing game aimed for New Horizon 5 Unit 8, practicing jobs and "He/She is good at..." etc.

  • Minigame Collection

    Just some minigames I have been creating to add into review games.

  • Ski Vocabulary Trivia

    A quick 10-question PowerPoint game to quiz students on fun skiing vocabulary and slang.

  • Eigo Ito Card Game

    This is a card game based on the Japanese game Ito. It involves ranking cards in order from smallest to largest based on different categories.

  • Pokeroom! (Let's Try2!) Unit 8

    A game designed to help students practice the names of the rooms in the school. (Evolution Game).

  • NC 1-60(?) Be動詞 silhouette quiz

    A 3-hint quiz using characters and real people to (primarily) practice be動詞

  • Movie Title Guessing Game

    A short fun quiz about the difference between Japanese and English movie titles.

  • Where’s That Pokémon? (My Dream Friend)

    A fun Pokémon-themed game to practice vocabulary for One World Smiles 5 Lesson 9 - My Dream Friend

  • No Prep Speaking Activity - Zombie Game

    Need a last minute speaking activity that requires no prep? The zombie game encourages students to practice speaking using the most recent grammar points, win-win for everyone!

  • Interview tracker (any grade)

    A simple interview tracker to help students keep track of whom they've talked to.

  • Let's Try! 1 Chapter 8: What's this?

    Let's Try! 1 Chapter 8. Short powerpoint, with an emphasis on practicing "No, it's a ______."

  • Mini Reviews

    Short powerpoint review challenges to use as warm ups!

  • Pokémon Knowledge Quest 🔥🌿💧 (Ver. 2)

    I made a few changes to the original Palworld (jk) PPT by TTTK. I inserted 17 different iconic battle music for all battle slides, new specials, fixed some animations, etc.

  • Mario Mystery Box (ANIMAL QUIZ)

    Mario themed mystery box about animals.

  • Whole Year Activity For Elementary Students

    These are some activities I made for the year 2023 covering Let's Try 1 and Let's Try 2 for Grade 3 & 4. There are also some activitied for Grade 1, 2, 5 & 6

  • Passive Voice Quiz (Unit 7 Scene 1)

    Group-based quiz using passive voice and an accompanying worksheet, paired with the World Heritage unit in NEW HORIZON 2

  • Kahoot Second Year Unit 6 Review


  • Who is he/she? Silhouette quiz

    Character silhouette guessing game for ES to practice "Who is he/she?" and "He/she is ___."

  • Jeopardy Review (E.S. Grades 3 and 4)

    A fun game to help elementary school grades 3 and 4 to review some vocabulary that they've learned from the Let's Try 1 and 2 textbooks.

  • Spin the Pencil (past tense)

    A fun way to get students asking and answering questions about the past.

  • Vocabulary Othello Editable (Digital)

    A fun way to help students practice vocabulary. (for those who are familiar with the rules of othello).

  • Flip cup

    The drinking game adapted for a quick review/warm-up activity

  • The Price is Right! UK Supermarket and Fast Food

    Based on the gameshow, designed for Grade 5 Here We Go 5 Unit 7

  • Apex Lootboxes - How Many? 📦

    An Apex Legends themed counting game with various challenges where students must count the keyword or object on the screen. Can be used as a warmup game.

  • Let's Try 1: Unit 8 (What's this? Quiz)

    Powerpoint quiz for students to practice using the "What's this?" prompt.

  • "Heads up" or "Forehead Word Card Guessing Game"

    A game where students put vocabulary words on their foreheads and their group mates help them guess the word without saying it.

  • Jobs/Occupations Memory Game

    a quick and easy memory game to get students to say the jobs for OneWorld Textbook ES 6nensei Unit 8

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