This activity can be adapted to a wide variety of grammar points.

  • baseball (speaking/ question game)

    Fun speaking activity my JTE taught me. I've done it in five minutes and for 20 minutes.

  • Colors (Kindergarten)

    Lesson about Colors

  • The Castle Game

    Students build and destroy each other's castles in this flexible PPT game for any grade level!

  • Self test/check about the alphabet

    These are worksheets to help learners test themselves to see if they can remember how to write the letters of the alphabet.

  • English Lyric Worksheets

    Students listen to English songs and try to catch the missing words

  • SHARK ATTACK - Save Anya !

    Everyone's favorite Hangman alternative with a twist.

  • ENGLISH HEROES - An English MOBA style game

    A League of Legends inspired classroom game that can be adapted to any grammar point.

  • Venus Fly Trap

    Points based game for grammar practice or review activities.

  • How do you BINGO

    Students practice speaking the target structure and play BINGO using the names they have collected.

  • Group trivia game activity (Who/What/Which)

    A group based trivia activity that includes many fun trivias and questions from the book. (Target 14 - Blue Sky 3)

  • Sugoroku Template for JHS

    A fully editable board game template that can be used across all levels.

  • Fun trivia activity (What's this?)

    A short and fun mini-trivia activity that includes many random things related to Japan as well as funny tricky items that hopefully leave the students laughing. (Target 4 - Blue Sky 1)

  • Tongue Twister Telephone

    Team game with tongue twisters!


    A fun and time-flexible points game themed after everyone's favorite conbini fried chicken !


    In this game, the whole class works together to evolve their Fushigidane (bulbasuar) and fight other pokemon !

  • Kahoot - Colour Kingdoms 🚩🏰

    A fun and informative way to show students how to play Kahoot's Colour Kingdoms

  • Spin The Wheel Warmup

    I did not make the wheel - all credit goes to slidemania.com. I just added the topics in. Can be edited easily to suit your needs.

  • My Hero Academia Review Game

    An all purpose review game where the ALT just needs to plug in the questions and answers. Ready to go in minutes !

  • Pop Culture Guess Who

    A game inspired by Guess Who that uses characters and celebrities students should know. Are you___? Do you like__? Do you play___? Can you___? are the key questions.

  • Minecraft English Review

    An all purpose points game. Plug in your own grammar points and you are ready to go !

  • UPDATED! Codebreaker Number Practice

    Codebreaker-style game for practicing listening to number names with a SpyxFamily theme (now with a companion animation).

  • Authentic Menu Boards

    A collection of fast food menu boards from countries using dollars and cents.

  • Instagram Post

    Great activity for students to express themselves via a cute "Instagram Post" template.

  • Plan a Trip

    A lesson designed to get students familiar with geography and engage them with a fictional vacation.

  • Avatar Nation Domination: An English Review Game

    Here is another game from taysteachingtoolkit! Have your students compete in a janken battle game while reviewing English! I have attached the levels (何年生) I made so far! I'll attach the rest soon!!!

  • How's the Weather?- Card Collecting Game

    Simple game using weather cards based on the power of Janken and Luck!

  • Drawing Challenge

    Students complete a task then have to draw something and their English teacher guesses what it is!

  • I am~ / I like~

    This is a listening activity using "I am~" and "I like~" sentence patterns.

  • If~ (First Conditional)

    This is a speaking activity followed by a writing practice.

  • HOW LONG have you played Interview BINGO?

    An Interview BINGO game that covers BLUE SKY 3 Unit 2 part 1 and part 2 grammar. (Present Perfect Continuous)

  • Buzzer Game

    Buzzer Game containing the phrases I like, I don't like, I play, and I don't play.

  • Self-Introduction Penpal Videos

    Students watch and exchange videos with foreign students!

  • Character Pic Cards "My name is" ES&NS

    Roaming game to practice "What's your name?" and "My name is ..." where the kids swap cards with eachother so they get a new character.

  • Egg Drop

    Hot Potato variation game

  • 'When I go to the supermarket...' Memory Game

    A quick, no prep, flexible memory game with competitive and non-competitive versions. Great for vocabulary review, memory training and practising new grammar patterns

  • Conversation Card Matching Game

    A quick, minimal prep warmup conversation card game where every student has to find another student the student with the matching card by sking each other questions

  • Board Game Template

    This is a blank board game template. I made it on Google Docs and use it to practice different questions in my classes. I hope it saves you some time!

  • Yokai War 'Asked or Told'

    This is a write and race activity for practicing 'He told me to study' or 'She asked her friend to have coffee'

  • Taylor Swift - English Music Lesson

    Lyric comprehension lesson using Taylor Swift`s `You Belong With Me`.

  • Whack-o-Mole! 🕳️🔨 (Speaking Pair Activity)

    This is a pair speaking game that requires students to make sentences in order to hit their partner's mole. (similar to battleship)

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