This activity can be adapted to a wide variety of grammar points.

  • Code Breaker - Emoji Sentences

    Using emojis, the learners have to guess what the English sentence is. Aimed at JHS and for English Board.

  • Tongue Twisters

    Some Tongue Twisters you can maybe use to help with tricky sounds.

  • Small talk for 5th and 6th graders

    You can use it as a warm up. It is mostly from the New Horizon Book Elementary Course

  • Digital Passport (editable) any level.

    A simple editable passport that the students could use in traveling overseas activities.

  • Last Man Standing

    Speaking activity for practicing reduced relative clause (noun + past participle)

  • Clothes Shopping Store (site)

    A mock e-shop that can be used for shopping role play activities.

  • Hot Potato!

    A short activity ideal for warm-ups or filling spare time. Students are randomly picked to answer questions from the ALT.

  • (Are you...?) Guessing Game

    Guessing game done aloud, in pairs, for a variety of grade levels and grammar points

  • Top 3

    Based on New Horizons 2, pg. 42 grammar "It is"

  • Infinitives Shuffle Game

    This is a quiz style game for JHS New Horizons 2 Unit 3 p.40 - Infinitive adjective form: 'We have various things to translate.'

  • Kahoots for New Horizon and Here We Go

    I have made a couple kahoots for elementary 6th grade and 5th grade using New Horizon books, but mostly for middle school using Here We Go.


    This is a Mashle-themed worksheet that is quite popular among kids right now. The goal is to 'eat' as many cream puffs as you can until you reach the finish line by talking with your friends.

  • Who Is This? Quiz

    "Who is this?" quiz providing 3 hints in English for students to guess the character.

  • Do, Don't and Let's

    A worksheet for 1st Grade JHS, Sunshine textbook, pg. 38.

  • Monthly Newsletter - July

    monthly newsletter for each grade (using New Horizon), employing grammar from what unit (I hope) we're studying that month.

  • "Caterpillar" Speaking Activity (Flexible)

    Students find a partner, say the target sentence. If same answer, one goes to the back of the other, then they find another person, and form a caterpillar or chain of people with same answer.

  • My Routine Worksheet

    "My Routine" worksheet that focuses on "What do" and "How do", asking about students routines during the average day. Based on New Horizon 1 Unit 2.

  • New Horizon 3 - Unit 1 Scene 1 Reading

    A more interesting reading for NH 3 Unit 1 Scene 1. PowerPoint to practice reading with students cut into subsections for easier understanding.

  • Are You, Do You Interview Worksheet

    Students practice interviewing each other with Are you, Do you, Based off New Horizon 1 for JHS

  • World Music Day 2024

    This is a PowerPoint presentaion and game that I made for World Music Day 2024 (21st June)

  • Shuffle Game 2.0

    This is a quiz style game for JHS New Horizons 3 Unit 3 p.40 - let [help] + (人など) + VERB

  • Ohashiki(?) "What day is it?" game

    Inspired by the bean bag toss game (I forgot where). This game is an adaption of my "How are you?" game but using days of the week. Beware of flying erasers.

  • September 2024 Calendar for English Boards

    Here is the September 2024 Calendar for your English boards if interested.

  • New Horizon Vocabulary Test Unit 0-4"

    This is a vocabulary test covering the new words in New Horizon 2 from Units 0-4. The purpose of this test is to assess whether the students can remember the new words taught in each unit.

  • Line and Row Variations

    Are you sick of the same old line and row? Would you like to spice things up while still using this classic review game?

  • July 2024 Calendar

    This is the July 2024 Calendar for English Boards.

  • Spelling quiz Pacman version (Hangman game)

    Hangman game/ guessing the word game by choosing letters.

  • Who is he/she 3 Hint Quiz

    She is Rapunzel. He is Shohei Ohtani. 3 Hint Quiz (Random characters)

  • Fujikawaguchiko Lawson - aka Breaking the LAWson.

    A points based game where you try to get illicit photos of a mountain and a combini for some reason.

  • Pokemon Review Game

    Answer questions, roll the dice, and battle your favorite Pokémon in an interactive slideshow.

  • Jujutsu Kaisen Review Game

    An adaptable JJK review quiz game. Can be used for any grammar point.

  • Plural/Singular Verbs: Connect 3 (Board Game)

    JHS 1nensei One World Textbook Lesson 3 Review Make sentences using I/He/She with appropriate verb (like/likes, don't like/doesn't like...) to mark your spot on the board. Connect 3 spots to score.

  • 🐍 Snake Game (10+ PDFs!)

    Snake game boards for Elementary school based on the Let's Try and New Horizons textbooks. Enjoy!

  • Summer Jeopardy Template

    Summer version of aidanpash's Easter Jeopardy template!

  • Pipes and Piranha Plants

    This is a Mario themed snakes and ladders (chutes and ladders) board game.

  • Various Special Needs Card Games

    A handful of card games to play in special needs (or otherwise small-group) lessons!

  • Doraemon Connect Four

    This is a pair game for JHS New Horizons 3 Unit 2 p.24 Present Pefect Continuous: 'I have been reading a book since 10 a.m.'

  • Jeopardy (Pop Culture Characters)

    Featuring famous pop culture characters from around the world + ALT's choices. Feel free to edit the questions according to your students' abilities :) Students compete for points in groups.

  • The Name Game! (Pronouns Warm-up)

    Revamped version of the name game I made for the "Call me..." unit. Aimed towards JHS 1st years learning He/She or students who still need help with the "verb+s" grammar. Works with small classes.

  • Pac-Man Word Guess

    Students try to guess all the letters in a word before Pac-Man is eaten by the ghosts.

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