Students write in the activity.

  • Personality Test Worksheet

    Worksheet for personality test (adjective review) made by CarpenterBee

  • Self-Intro WS & PowerPoint Template

    Includes a self-intro worksheet (with guided annotations), Q&A, and PPT slides to go along with the worksheet. It is best suited for JHS or SHS but can be adapted for ES with some changes.

  • Let's Try! 2 pg 22-25

    A worksheet based off the materials in the Let's Try! 2 textbook for the 4th grade.

  • Are you going to ~?

    Bingo worksheet activity to practice 'be going to' grammar in conversation. (NH2 JHS P9 Unit 1)

  • We're going to America! (I'm going to~ Activity)

    Activity aimed for 2nd Year JHS that teaches kids about various American cities while giving them a preview of the American TSA experience.

  • Alphabet Tracing Worksheets

    Some simple alphabet tracing worksheets.

  • NH5 Word Search Unit 1 - 2

    For the new 2024 New Horizons 5 books. 2 word searches each for unit 1 and 2

  • 5th Gr NEW New Horizon 2024 U.1 1st hour

    Worksheet for the Unit 1 Starting Out lesson introducing Sophia

  • 6th Gr NEW New Horizon 2024 U.1 1st hour

    It is a worksheet for page 6 "Listen and Think" activity of the NEW New Horizon 6th Grade textbooks.

  • New Horizon 5th&6th grade Unit 1 Starting Out

    A worksheet to help students in 5th grade and 6th grade become accustomed to reading and answering questions on a listening topic.

  • ES 3rd Grade Unit 1 Lesson 1 Activity and Lesson P

    Helper for the first lesson.

  • Alphabet practice with へのへのもへじ

    Inspired by JackyKillian1701's Alphabet Henohenomoheji activity!

  • Past Continuous Practice

    A short worksheet to practice past continuous form.

  • Handwriting Practice Sheets

    Handwriting practice for all the letters of the alphabet, days of the week and months of the year, plus some extra space for practice and an example of dialogue or vocabulary from a textbook.

  • Karaoke Box ♫ (Volume 1)

    A small compilation of songs across different eras. Used for warm-ups to sing-a-long or listen and fill in the missing lyrics.

  • NATO Phonetic Alphabet

    My students have a difficult time spelling words and don't understand what I mean when I try to use phonetic words, so this introduces them to the NATO phonetic alphabet.

  • I am going to & I will

    Grade 2 JHS students will plan their trip abroad. This is designed specifically for Unit 1 of New Horizon 2 textbook.

  • I have / I have never

    A simple or modified never have I ever activitiy for Grade 3 JHS students

  • Self Introduction Worksheet

    This is a self introduction worksheet for first year students. It’s SpongeBob themed.

  • Back to School Maze

    Students have to "collect" the school supplies as they exit the maze.

  • Splatoon - Sniper Shot ᔦꙬᔨ

    A simple game where students try to figure out what the word, picture, or sentence is by looking through a sniper scope.

  • American Slang

    Teaches students some new American slang + a fun Kahoot to review with students

  • What's the Question?

    Jeopardy-style powerpoint quiz (JHS or SHS) testing students ability to turn statements into questions

  • Summer BBQ/Picnic Plan

    Students make a plan in English for Summer BBQ or Picnic in pairs or groups of three and then present them in the same class.

  • Mario Kart Quiz

    A game teachers in my prefecture created, not just for English, but for all subjects.

  • Alpha-trace BIG to small & vice versa

    Three work sheets aimed at new learners of English letters.

  • Word Search AAAA, BBBB etc

    Fairly simple word searches that help learners become more familiar with the English alphabet.

  • Kingdom Battle - Review Game 🏯

    Students work in teams to claim prefectures across Japan while trying to protect their own.

  • Dots & Boxes ・・・■

    A classic pen-and-paper game where students must make a sentence/say a word to draw lines on a grid to make boxes. (The theme is heavily inspired by Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwide Classics)

  • Jeopardy Year-End Review JHS 1年 One World Chap1-7

    Powerpoint File with sounds, animations. Editable.

  • Jeopardy Year-End Review JHS 1年 One World

    Powerpoint File with sounds, animations. Editable.

  • Jeopardy Year-End Review JHS 2年 One World

    Powerpoint File with sounds, animations. Editable.

  • Classroom Family-Feud

    family feud style ppt for end of year/term fun based off taloytay2000's post

  • Scene It Game (Winter Movies)

    Watch the video and answer questions!

  • NH2 Year-end Review

    36 questions for 2nd year JHS based on New Horizons 2 textbook

  • Alphabet Worksheets (K-Z)

    The rest of the worksheets that I uploaded last year are finally here!

  • SpongeBob - Stand up or Sit Down (Ver. 2) 🧽

    I made a few changes to make it more "entertaining", easier to edit, included extra slides to assist students in writing the sentences. Tay's original file can be found below.

  • Monster Hunter - Review Game 🗡️

    Students are tasked with an urgent gathering quest and must work in teams to get materials while trying to avoid Rathalos and other hazardous things.

  • It looks ~

    This is the last unit lesson of Here We Go 1

  • "I want to _____." Vacation Activity

    A reading, writing, and speaking activity that involves no prep.

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