Requires the teacher to display materials on a TV.

Recent activities
Boston T Map

A modified map, and powerpoint of the Boston T (train system in Boston) to practice New Horizon Daily Scene 4 - giving directions.

Could you tell me how to get to Fukuoka Airport?

This Ppt/worksheet is for the Year 3 Sunshine textbook for giving directions, although it could probably be modified for other textbooks.

Let's Try One Lesson Five Vocabulary Practice

This is a powerpoint to help practice the vocabulary for this lesson. Useful for keyword game and teacher three choice quiz.

Anpanman Hero Punch

A powerpoint writing game

Election USA

A variation on Battle for Japan

Picture Sentence Matching

A game to practice the "Question words + to-infinitive" grammar (for ex. "how to" or "where to").

Traffic Signs in the USA - Must/May

A short powerpoint with a quiz to introduce Must/Must not/May by comparing driving laws in Japan vs the US.

Will you dance?

This is a janken-style game where students ask each other "will you" questions and get points for completing the action (social distancing). This could also work for Can you, Could you, etc.

Candy Jar Quiz (how many)

(social-distancing-friendly) Students compete to correctly guess how many pieces of candy are in a jar using a PowerPoint.

Let's Try Lesson Four Color Practice

A powerpoint to help do the first lesson of this unit.

How many times have you...?

students have to guess how many times i completed an activity

Who is he/who is she?

Students have to guess who the person is based on hints given .

You Make the Rules! (have to/must)

Students pretend they're the leader of the school and can change any school rules they want!

Have you.......yet? Jeopardy

Students practice using verbs to make " Have you..........yet?" questions

My bucket list

talk about what you have done and what you want to do. 3rd grade activity. TEXTBOOK: Columbus 21 year 3

Pokemon Evolution Was Were

Use different pokemon evolutions to have the students practice "was" and "were."

Let's Try What Time!

Powerpoint activities for let's try 2 lesson 4. Focus on teaching the vocabulary such as 'Wake-up time'

Tenses of the Verb Practice

The verbs in this PPT are from the back of the NEW CROWN 3 English textbook.


This is another version of the 'Magic Quiz' Game using Doraemon characters.


A battle for Japan Styled Writing Game. I've included a version for 'How many times you have played?'

If it's PETER RABBIT, Let's play!

Row based version of the Peter Rabbit Game for practicing 'If' and 'let's'

Castle Feud Japan

A moderately exciting row based activity

Picture Stories Race

An activity to practice 'was' and 'were'

Star Get Feelings

A powerpoint game to review feelings for Let's Try 1 Lesson 2

Cha Cha Slide

Fun class to practice various action words

Let's Try Weather and Play POINTS GET GAME

A 5 x 5 style game for Let's Try 2 Lesson 2.

Giving Directions Introduction

Practice for New Crown 3 Let's Talk 1 Giving Directions

Why Why Why ALT Talk Time

An introduction to 'why' and 'because' followed by one on one interviews with the ALT. Social Distance Styled Plan.


A powerpoint game that can be used to practice many points. I'm using it for New Crown 2 Lets Talk 7


A group battle game similiar to Gang War, Robots invade the world and so forth. Good for review.

Past Simple Mystery Game "Who Dunnit"

A "Who Dunnit" game where the class are detectives and interview five students to solve a mystery

Three Reasons Why

A discussion based activity to practice explaining opinions. New Crown 3 pages 102 and 103.

Junior High School Shopping Activities

These are the worksheets and presentations I use for shopping lessons

Why Chicks Why?

A sign game and a write and race game for practicing Why and Because

Humpty Dumpty Game

A pick the verb quiz and a writing game for simple past irregular verbs.

Magic Quiz

A family feud style quiz game

Zapper Zoo

A write and race powerpoint game. Useful for review.

Christmas Points Game

Simple powerpoint to review material with a christmas theme

What are animals doing GAME

A point get game for practicing the present progressive.

Pencils and Bombs Review Quiz and Profile Game

A quiz review game and then a writing activity.

Top 5 activities
  • Super Mario Christmas Blast A fun Christmas Mario-themed quiz game, where teams battle each other in a test of knowledge! Built off the original Super Mario Typhoon by Alexander Grant.
  • MRI Quiz A cool creepy looking quiz for practicing 'What's this?'
  • Battle for Japan A write and race game based on the Senkoku Jidai quiz game found on the Englipedia site.
  • Magic Quiz A family feud style quiz game
  • Almost Pokemon Battle Game This is a write and race activity the students play in groups.

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