Requires the teacher to display or use materials on a computer during class.

  • NH1 AhaSlides Collection 🎮

    A review game collection for JHS New Horizon 1 (2021 Edition).

  • Have you ever...? (Philippine version)

    This is a PowerPoint quiz to practice the question, "Have you ever...?"

  • Comparative/Superlative Questions (Warm-up chat)

    A short slideshow of topics students can use to talk about comparatives and superlatives.

  • Languages / Borrow Words Quiz!

    An easy quiz where students think about which language some borrow words came from.

  • Where Is The Library?

    This is an interview style game for JHS New Horizons 1 Unit 3 p.30 "Where...?" "When...?" questions


    Uses of gerunds

  • Kirby Feelings Star Get

    Students practice expressing feelings while acquiring stars in this simple PowerPoint game

  • Learning Home Economics Quiz

    This is a quiz for the Home Economics p.19 in New Horizons 2 for JHS.

  • Let's Try 2 Unit 2 How's the weather kahoot

    Kahoot quiz for ES 4th graders.

  • School Subjects

    This lesson includes a worksheet and powerpoint that covers popular school subjects. I work at a commercial H.S. so this worksheet covers business studies and bookkeeping.

  • Everyone Go To Sleep

    This is a group activity/memory game for JHS New Horizons 2 p.23 "When I..." conjunction

  • Let's Try 1 Unit 2 How are you kahoot

    Kahoot quiz for ES 3rd graders.

  • Months and dates

    Teachers and students are able to click the months and dates

  • When... conjunction

    Slides to present the topic and a worksheet to be used in pair works, suited for 2nd year JHS students.

  • Jeopardy Game

    Jeopardy Game

  • Typhoon Mayhem - Review Game 🌀

    A new (?) and fairer way to play Typhoon that gives all teams a chance to pick a card each round.

  • Let's Try 2! Unit 1, Pg 2 - 5

    A worksheet based off the materials provided in the Let's Try 2! textbook. This worksheet focuses on Unit 1.

  • Time Capsule

    Time capsule worksheet I made for SHS.

  • When vs. If

    Students choose if missing word should be "When" or "If."

  • Australian History Quiz

    Quick timeline explanation of Australian history, culture and a bit of multiculturalism

  • NH2, U1: Unit Activity, Summer Vacation Planning

    Students are tasked with planning and making an itinerary for their summer vacation using going to~ and will~.

  • Self Introduction Bingo

    Bingo...but with a lot of small talk!

  • New Horizon Kahoot Collection 🌐

    A collection of all the kahoots I've made for JHS New Horizon 1, 2 & 3 (2021 Edition). This collection also includes kahoots I made for the mini games (Tallest Tower, Robot Run, etc.)

  • Adjective Complement

    A brief powerpoint about the adjective complement clause (subject+ be verb+ adjective+ that + reason). There's also a game of battleship attached for students to practice what they've learnt.

  • Places in a Town Vocabulary Practice

    Three basic powerpoint activities for practising the vocabulary from U2 of the new One World Smiles 6 textbook.

  • NOT your average BINGO game

    40 lamentable Bingo Cards, Mark-out BINGO PPTX, and Class Flashcards

  • Google Slides for 'May I give you this bomb?'

    Google Slides for practicing 'May I~?'

  • Let's Try 2 Unit 2 clothes/weather Game

    Students practice colors, weather and names of clothing items by dressing a character and answering questions.

  • Mario Kart Review Game

    A polished Google Slides and item deck set for the classic Mario Kart review game!

  • Let's Try 2 Unit 2 How's the weather? Quiz

    Quiz based on sunny, cloudy, rainy, and snowy weather. Also includes the mentioned sports and activities from the textbook (make a snowman, play cards, play dodgeball, play tag etc.)

  • How to write an opinion paragraph

    Powerpoint presentation on the hamburger writing format, aimed for Eiken grade pre-2 level

  • Bob Marley

    A small introduction of Jamaica's reggae icon in light of his upcoming movie

  • End-of-Year 6th Grade Q&A Review PPT Game

    A competitive game that reviews the English covered in the 5th and 6th grades, and you can use to converse with students by asking follow-up questions related to the answers they give.

  • Board Game COLLECTION

    Power Point compilation of different units you can use to practice.

  • Animals review- Among Us version

    A cute/ fun game where the kids test their reading and vocab recal by matching words to the correct image!

  • New Horizon 3 Materials ✏️

    A collection of all the worksheets and activities I've made for New Horizon 3 (2021 Edition).

  • Months of the Year

    12 Months of the Year Along with Corresponding Typical American Holidays

  • Draw My Dream Friend Game

    Speedy coloring and drawing game!

  • New Horizon 2 Materials ✏️

    A collection of all the worksheets and activities I've made for New Horizon 2 (2021 Edition).

  • Class Subjects Blooket Review

    Review for Unit 1: Blue Sky Grade 5. Focuses on subjects in school as well as lowercase letters.

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