Requires the teacher to display or use materials on a computer during class.

  • Sugoroku Review (Let's try 1,2)

    Fun Sugoroku game to help students remembering what they've learned. I mainly designed it for elementary school grades 3 and 4, but if you change the pictures you could used it for any grade.

  • 🌱Let's make your pencil case! ✏️📐4th grade

    🤝Students make pairs and create their own pencil case, using the stationery they want. 👬Then their friend tries to recreate the same pencil case. This is a scratch game!

  • Vocabulary Ping Pong (Warm-up Game)

    Vocabulary Ping Pong was mainly designed for elementary school students, but I think it could also be used in junior high classes as well.

  • Strange Restaurant

    A spin on the common restaurant activity where students practice ordering from a menu

  • Food Ohajiki (Let's Try 1! Unit 5)

    Multiple games that can be used with this powerpoint. Elementary school students grade 3 level .

  • What would you like? (New Horizon 5 Unit 6)

    Simple powerpoint calculator that helps elementary school grade 5 students to practice sentences such as: What would you like? Would you like something to drink? Etc...

  • Save Tom the Turkey! (Thanksgiving Activity)

    A brief PowerPoint about the concept of the Presidential Pardon of the Turkey with a matching letter-writing activity. Heavy focus on fun, creative writing

  • NHK for schools videos

    NHK for schools elementary school English videos.

  • JHS New Horizons 2 Unit 5 Kahoot Vocabulary Review

    This is a kahoot I've put together for my students to review Unit 5.

  • American Thanksgiving

    Powerpoint and simple activity about a holiday in the US.

  • Singular Verbs ( Intro of Family and Friends)

    These are activities for practicing the singular verbs.

  • Connect Four 🟡🔴 (Pair Game)

    A great way to incorporate a classic game into a fun speaking activity where they have to say a sentence before they can drop the chip.

  • Simple NH2 Page 81 Activity

    Students will learn page 81 in New Horizons 2 and then practice the important parts of the dialogue.

  • Colors "Life Game" (Let's try1 ! book)

    A fun game to help elementary school grade 3 students to learn colors.

  • Flags E.S.Grade 3 Guessing game

    Powerpoint game designed to help elementary school grade 3 students learn the name of some countries. (Let's Try! 1 book).

  • Counting money

    Short PowerPoint to be used with New Horizon 5 Unit 6 'What would you like?'

  • Hunt for the ~ing (7年) Halloween themed

    Children look for ing related pictures in their textbook

  • Hunt for the ~ing 1 & 2 (9年)

    Children look for ing related pictures in their textbook

  • Job Fair.

    This game is to practice I can/ I can't in a real world roleplay setting.

  • 1-3 ES Days of the Week (review / tablet game)

    Days of the week ppt/blooket game for younger ES students (I made this for my 1-3rd graders)

  • Spelling Activity

    A simple game to help elementary school students grades 3 and 4 to learn how to spell.

  • I'm from~.

    Simple rock, paper, scissors activity for elementary school students grades 4,5.

  • Where do you live?

    Simple interview game to help students learn how to ask; "Where do you live?". (Elementary School grades 5,6)

  • 3 Hint Character Quiz 2

    3 hint character quiz for ES grade 5 and 6 and all JHS grades

  • Battle for Japan: Generalized version

    Capture as many prefectures as possible by getting the correct answers.

  • 🌱Let's make a pizza🍕 4年 What do you want?

    Tablet activity for 4th/ Practice "What do you want?" by crafting the ultimate pizza with the toppings your friends crave! 🤝👬 Ignite the joy of collaboration and unleash your culinary creativity in

  • What does this gesture mean?

    A simple presentation/quiz where the students guess what each gesture means

  • Asking for directions.

    Easy activity to help students learning how to ask for directions.

  • I want to go to... (Interactive World Map)

    An interactive world map powerpoint designed to get kids speaking about where they would like to travel to. Practice's "You can see" and "You can eat" sentence structure

  • Character ABC/abc Guessing Game

    Students guess the character for each letter of the alphabet as parts of their picture are slowly revealed.

  • JHS 三年生 Unit 4 Review (Pokémon Knowledge Quest)

    Review Unit 4 using fun Pokémon graphics to get students excited!

  • My Hero Typhoon 5th Grade

    Click a category and a letter to jump to a team’s selected question click the gold star to go back to the select a question screen. Click the Question Mark to revel the points

  • Fruit'n'Veg Spinner Game

    Team Powerpoint Game for Let's Try 2 Unit 7 What do you want? Stolen (adapted) from Spin the Wheel (Countries) Point Game by keikeikei.

  • Shapes Spinner Game

    Team Powerpoint Game for Let's Try 1 Unit 7 Shapes. Stolen (adapted) from Spin the Wheel (Countries) Point Game by keikeikei.

  • Thanksgiving Don't Pop the Balloon (google slides)

    An American Thanksgiving themed, team-based review game

  • November Events Jigsaw Reading & Interview

    Half of the class reads about one November event, the other half reads about a different event. Then they interview each other about their event.

  • Friendly Alphabets Digital Version

    This activity is for Let's Try 1 Unit 6, page 24. No cutting of cards, more time to interact and enjoy.

  • Picker Wheel website


  • Cave of Wonders (NH3 U6 "I wish...")

    Students will work in groups to change prompts into Key Sentence 19 from New Horizon 3's Unit 6. Then, they will play a game.

  • Mystery Box Sports

    super mario mystery box

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