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Specific to the New Horizon textbook.

Recent activities
Could you tell me how to get to shinkansen map

This activity goes along with the Could you tell me how to get to . . . lesson in New Horizon and uses the shikansen map.

Christmas Jeopardy

Christmas Jeopardy, hooray!

Pictures with Santa

A logic puzzle based on the "Day at the Zoo" activity, useful for practicing contact clauses.

3 hint quiz - LET'S WARM UP!

Enjoy testing the students critical thinking with these 3 hint questions!

What's Wrong? Card Game

Practice the dialogue of JHS New Horizon 1, Daily Scene 1 using a fun card game!

Let's Go to Italy - Small Talk

Simple 'small talk' template to help you and your JTE/HRT in New Horizon 6 Unit 3

What's in the park?

Group activity where students practice asking "Is there/Are there?" questions with locations (in, on, under, by). Made with New Horizons 2 Unit 6.2 in mind.

Weird Festivals!

"Is there a _______ festival?" (insert weird festival)

"Do you ~" Buzzfeed style quiz

Buzzfeed quiz style activity to find out what Disney movie you or your partner like.

"When can ~" Code Breaker

Use a numerical code to answer the questions.

Boston T Map

A modified map, and powerpoint of the Boston T (train system in Boston) to practice New Horizon Daily Scene 4 - giving directions.

Kyoto Directions

Year 3 JHS Directions New Horizon

Feel Well

This activity is based on the doctor visit dialog in New Horizon's English textbook, but this one is more entertaining and it teaches various names of illnesses.

Make A Newspaper

Make a front page to a newspaper.

I Love My City

The students fill out a sheet in the style of Multi Plus 2 of New Horizon 2.

Crazy Bus Race

Based on New Horizon's Speaking Plus 2 (grade1), students create their own dialogue using the Crazy Bus map and worksheet.

Able to Write and Race

They work in pairs or groups to answer the questions

Search The Textbook

This is a review game for New Horizon 2's textbook. Students are given questions and they must find the answers in their textbooks

May I / Could you: activity worksheet

2 part worksheet for p28-29 of New Horizon 2.

Magic Box Scramble

Teams race to unscramble the Magic Box story. Then, they answer questions to receive 'magic words', which then forms a 'magic question' the teams must answer.

Can You Speak English? Battleship

Another Battleship game using the auxiliary verb can.

Can you job hunt?

A speaking based, find your partner activity practicing "Can you~?"

Can I play Janken?

Students try to get bingo by asking for favors/permission using `Can you/Can I...` questions.

Can You Find a Pair?

Students ask each other "Can you..." until they find their pair

Can you read Kanji?

Students ask other classmates if they can read unknown kanji characters.

Can I use your Battleship?

Can I use your battleship? Let students practice many "Can I use your..." sentences and have fun playing the classic Battleship game.

Can/Fail Sentence Race

This activity has students making can/can't sentences using funny pictures that really emphasize the ability meaning of the can verb.

Can Animals

Students practice an array of activities to help them learn the proper way of using the CAN helping verb.

Which is taller? Comparatives quiz

A quiz using comparatives. Warm up activity.

Super Mario Can Review

CAN helping verb. This is essentially a board game that is made to look like an early Mario video game level.

Are You Anpanman?

Students practice the grammar "Are you... / Yes, I am / No, I'm not" whilst trying to find who their colleagues are.

Are You Bingo

This is an interview game, with a Bingo twist. This is super easy to edit to fit your style.

"Shall I show you a..." New Horizon 2, pg 110

I pair activity where students can practice shopping language, such as "shall I show you a smaller one." etc.

She is the girl who is... New Horizon 2, pg 85

Pair activity where students practice the grammar point "He/She/Yuki is the girl who is riding a bike." It can be used with New Horizon 2, but could also be a stand alone activity.

New Horizon 2, page 78 "Which bus goes to...?"

A pair activity that allows students to practice giving directions in a real world situation.

I'm looking for the... New Horizons 1, page 100

A pair activity that allows students to practice speaking to their partners in a real world situation.

Flashcards Collection

16 word files separated by categories with many flashcards ready to be printed.

What's wrong? I have a headache.

A fairly straightforward worksheet to be used in conjunction with Hew Horizon 1, pg 64.

Dolphin Tale

A questionnaire about the film Dolphin Tale (New Crow 3 and New Horizon 2)

How Many Cats

Students are race to drawn the nouns given by teachers.

Top 5 activities

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