Elementary School

Aimed at elementary school students.

  • Simple Summer Vocab and a Game

    Some basic summer vocab and a quick game.

  • Vegetables! Series of Vegetable Games

    This powerpoint can be used for the whole 45 minutes for 1st and 2nd graders! You can modify it for higher grades

  • Fruits Coloring and Counting WS

    A coloring worksheet to practice counting and saying numbers

  • Unit 1 Gimkit - 5th & 6th Grade - Crown Jr. (New)

    Some gimkits I made. One for 5th grade and one for 6th grade. Review of the first term + past years' info.

  • Treasure Hunt Game 'He is My Brother' 'He is~'

    As my other treasure games, but this time teams choose two items at once. 'This is my [grandmother]', 'He/she is [kind]'. Behind each selection is an item worth points.

  • I can...! (PPT "Anime" for NH5 U3 Speech)

    A very extra PPT "anime" (with BGM and SFXs) explaining a scenario where the students suddenly woke up as superheroes & they get to decide what they can and can't do!

  • September 2024 calendar

    English board calendar

  • 24 NHE5 U3 Writing Practice

    Simple worksheet so fifth graders can practice writing and plan what they want to say when they introduce the things they are able to do.

  • Vocab Cards

    A variety of vocabulary cards. Most of the words are used from the New Horizons Picture Dictionary (pre 2024).

  • What ... do you like? (Filler Game)

    I got the template from Canva. I just changed the numbers into quesetions to get my desired goal/activity.

  • 24 NHE6 U3 Writing Practice

    Writing worksheet to go with U3 of the sixth grade New Horizon Elementary textbook.

  • What time is it? (Lesson Powerpoint)

    This is a powerpoint activity that you can use for Let's Try 2 Unit 4.

  • Phonics Collection 2024 (ES)

    A collection of phonics materials I've gathered and created over the years. They are ordered from beginner to upper beginners. Used for 3rd-6th Grade and JHS

  • Blue Sky Grade 6 Unit 1 Blooket Review

    Blooket to Review Blue Sky Grade 6 Unit 1

  • End of Semester Games

    One PDF for 3rd-6th grade with 5 different game activities in English and Japanese (to show to your HRT or T1/T2). There are cutouts for you to use. The picture cards have 6 topics.

  • Word searches

    The themes are grocery items and classroom supplies.

  • Spot it/Keyword game (time filler)

    The first player to call out identical pictures and grab the eraser wins the game.

  • Preposition Battleship (JHS 1年生 or ES 5年生)

    Inspired by RingBearer852's Battleship activities, made 2 different versions depending on your needs.

  • Past verbs - How was your weekend?

    Unit 3 Grade 6 review of vocabulary and practice for performance test. New Horizon

  • (Are you...?) Guessing Game

    Guessing game done aloud, in pairs, for a variety of grade levels and grammar points

  • 3rd and 4th grade alphabet/phonics worksheets

    Miscellaneous worksheets I've made to practice phonics/writing for 3rd and 4th graders

  • 4nensei alphabet and phonics activities

    A series of worksheets and games I use to practice uppercase letters and phonics

  • 3nensei alphabet and phonics activities

    A series of worksheets and games I use to practice uppercase letters and phonics

  • All About Summer: I want to~

    Ideal for Class 6 or special class with worksheet but no writing. It may be used at 5th or 6th grade elementary school.

  • Summer Color-by-Shape Coloring Page

    A summer-themed coloring page to practice shapes through coloring (or just a fun last class activity!)

  • Memory Challenge (time filler)

    Players try to memorize the details of the pictures for a limited time. (Elementary level)

  • New Horizon Kahoot Review Grades 5 & 6 Unit 3

    A quiz to review unit 3 of the New Horizon textbook for 5th and 6th graders. (Includes a termly review for both grades)

  • Kahoots for New Horizon and Here We Go

    I have made a couple kahoots for elementary 6th grade and 5th grade using New Horizon books, but mostly for middle school using Here We Go.

  • Kahoot! New Horizon 6 Unit 3 (My Weekend)

    A kahoot game to review unit 3 of the New Horizon textbook for 6th grade.


    This is a Mashle-themed worksheet that is quite popular among kids right now. The goal is to 'eat' as many cream puffs as you can until you reach the finish line by talking with your friends.

  • 'What day do you like?' Phrase Sheet

    Weekly schedule phrase guide for Let's Try 2 Unit 3 with 4th Grade

  • Simple Self-Intro Worksheet for ES 3rd Grade

    Poster / Worksheet to introduce self to new ALT

  • Foreign Music, Movies and TV Posters

    For your English Board or anywhere else!

  • Create Mii (cards) "Can you...?"

    Card making activity for "Can"

  • How many...?

    Students are shown an image for 10 seconds and then have to guess how many items there were.

  • Zoo Bingo

    Animal Bingo Sheets

  • Here We Go 5 Unit 3 Game

    This is a revised version from this original. https://www.altopedia.net/activities/3382-don-t-catch-magikarp This game focuses on frequency and daily schedule

  • Blue Sky Grade 6 Unit 3 Blooket Review

    Blooket that reviews everything covered in Blue Sky Grade 6 Unit 3 "We Need a Big Park in Our Town."

  • Interjections

    Short reaction phrases that we use on a daily basis.

  • Make your time schedule Let's Try 2: Unit 4

    This is a worksheet where students make their original time schedule using the time and adjectives they learned in unit 4 of the Let's try 2 textbook.

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