Critical Thinking

Develops students' critical thinking skills.

  • English "kotowaza" Warm-up Quiz!

    Warm up quiz for older students. Students will listen to the idiom/saying and guess the meaning based on A, B, or C.

  • NATO Phonetic Alphabet

    My students have a difficult time spelling words and don't understand what I mean when I try to use phonetic words, so this introduces them to the NATO phonetic alphabet.

  • Description Activity Warm-up

    Share images on LOILO NOTE and have students talk in pairs and describe about something they choose from the list.

  • Halloween Shapes

    A Halloween themed guessing game. Guess the shape and color to create a Halloween image.

  • Mario Kart Quiz

    A game teachers in my prefecture created, not just for English, but for all subjects.

  • Dear Diary

    A worksheet for P115 of the New Horizon 1 JHS textbook. It's used to understand how to write a diary/journal entry.

  • Battleship Past-Tense Verbs JHS 1年

    Practice asking and answering questions using past-tense verbs and words indicating time, to find out your opponent's ship locations, faster than he finds out yours. 6 different versions

  • Special Needs Jeopardy

    Jeopardy style quiz.

  • Music Quiz - is it English?

    10 popular(ish) songs, guess if it's English or not! Fun activity for end of semester/warm up.

  • Unicorn Game "What __ do you like?" YearEnd ES 4-6

    Speaking and Listening Game to review basic English Conversation skills: What color/sports/animal/fruits... do you like?" "I like ___." Students receive 1 question each, and ask all their classmates.

  • Personality Test *Timefiller Activity

    Fun adjective review for any grade!

  • Who am I? Game (My Hero...) Review

    Activity for 5th grade students who are doing the My Hero unit. Intended for the last hour of the unit in which students already have a grasp on the key sentences.

  • JHS 3年生 ~ Year-end Review

    An interactive online quiz for 3年生 based on One World 3 textbook.

  • Introduction to Debates Lesson Plan (JHS 3)

    A powerpoint and activities to introduce debates to JHS Grade 3 students.

  • Slangs in North America! (modified ver.)

    slightly modified slang/SNS quiz made by janeenmp

  • JHS 2年生 ~ Year-end Review

    An interactive quiz game to review all grammar and sentence patterns based on the textbook One World 2.

  • JHS 1年生 ~ Year-end Review

    An interactive quiz to review all grammar and sentence patterns of first graders based on the textbook One World 1.

  • Huge Pokemon Review Game

    A review game styled to look and (almost) behave similar to the actual Pokemon games

  • Classroom Olympics

    I used this material for reviewing my 2nd year students after their JTE's taught them the concepts of Comparatives and Superlatives.

  • Review Game for Comparatives and Superlatives

    This is an activity which you may use for comparatives er - than,more - than, superlatives the - est, the most and as - as.

  • Present perfect connect 4

    This is a speaking, writing and reading warm up activity. It is based of the tic-tac-toe activity posted by rebvandev. But I have altered it, changed it into a connect 4 and added a worksheet.

  • Unit 3 of New Horizon Book (3rd grade JHS)

    Jeopardy Game for 3rd Graders

  • ES/ JHS/ SHS (Warm Up with HINTS)

    It is a warm-up activity for ES/ JHS/ SHS. It has time limit and you can always do this by battle or set this a a homework. Depends on you.

  • Digraph Dominoes

    A domino game designed to supplement my digraph handouts. Many thanks to user vaudeville for their phonics domino game, which I used as a basis for this one.

  • Jeopardy Review (TEMPLATE)

    A Jeopardy template you can use to add your own questions. Works best with JHS and above.

  • Work your Brain (Critical Thinking)

    It lets the students work their brain on building their vocabularies and think as many words as they can.

  • Invite Your Friend to a Concert

    based off of New Horizon 2 p.115 (prep time: less than 5 mins)

  • What Makes a Cup, a Cup?

    Headbandz/Blind Man's Bluff activity for higher level students. Describe common objects without using gestures!

  • 4th gr This is my day - Make your own story

    Instead of using the very limited cards and just decide the time schedule of your story, the student get a wider field of view, they get freedom to tell the story from their own creativity.

  • Speed Comparisons

    Speaking and listening activity that emphasizes quick thinking.

  • Let's Analyse a Movie! 🎥

    Students watch two short films and work in groups to analyse the two clips. Used to teach "Learning Literature" in New Horizon 1 but made changes to make it more adaptable to teach in other grades.

  • Katakana English Pronunciation (Japanglish)

    10 minute filler or warm up activity or New Horizon Grade 6 Elementary Over the Horizon Unit 8 PPT

  • Passive Form Practice Quiz ✨ (過去分詞)

    A short quiz for practicing passive voice that contains cute GIFs.

  • Black History Month Lesson (Updated)

    A slideshow about black history month in February

  • Spoken English/Slang Quiz

    A powerpoint quiz for Junior or Senior High School students that tests them on English slang/spoken phrases. A fun way to teach spoken English that the students won't find in textbooks!

  • Do you always study English?

    Quick conversation practice for New Horizon 5, Unit 8: Let's Try 2

  • Let's Try 1 (Unit 8) - "What's This?" Quiz 🕵️‍♂💭

    What's This? 🕵️‍♂️ (Google Slides)

  • Was and Were

    This is a Lesson about using was and were for 1st year. Page 113 of Here We Go Textbook.

  • Review Jeopardy for 1st grade JHS (New Horizon)

    This game is a review Jeopardy for 1st graders JHS, it covers all the grammars they learned cover to cover.

  • Other ways to say “very + adjective” Kahoot

    An Altopedia user, juliahoolia, put some nice English board materials on here a while ago. I’ve made a Kahoot from one of them which might be useful for 3rd graders and high level/grouped 2nd graders.

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