Junior High School

Aimed at junior high school students.

  • English Board conversation challenge

    A presentation to introduce the stamp rally and a modification to the stamp card.

  • Typhoon/Treasure Hunt (BLANK TEMPLATE)

    Template for you to insert your own questions. Can be used for a variety of reviews and grades. This is a hybrid between Typhoon and Treasure Hunt! Works best with JHS level and up.

  • End of Year Reflection Worksheet

    Simple worksheet with writing and drawing elements to help students reflect on their first year of JHS.

  • ALTPAY (Digital Money) any grade

    A simple digital wallet to be use in any shopping game.

  • What Makes a Cup, a Cup?

    Headbandz/Blind Man's Bluff activity for higher level students. Describe common objects without using gestures!

  • Anime names in English

    A slide show with some anime that have different English names than the original Japanese.

  • Snakes & Ladders Card Sets

    Pre-made card sets to go with the Snakes and Ladders games. 1年 & 2年 grammar points.

  • Final Quiz JHS 2

    PowerPoint Review Quiz. Just another edited version of GoldenMew_Suprema's excellent work, this one for JHS Year 2.

  • Final Quiz JHS 1

    PowerPoint Review Quiz. Just an edited version of GoldenMew_Suprema's excellent work, for JHS Year 1.

  • Reverse Key Word Game (Vocabulary Game) any grade.

    It's a veeeeeeeery fun game to help students to practice asking a specific question.

  • Emergency Drills in America

    A simple presentation on the different emergency drills we have in America

  • Speed Comparisons

    Speaking and listening activity that emphasizes quick thinking.

  • Random Writing Auction

    Writing activity that can be adapted to multiple grammar points. Specific focus on encouraging students to write longer sentences.

  • Minefield Game: Indirect Questions

    An adaptable competitive team game that has students writing sentences quickly to earn gold coins. I used it for New Crown 3 Lesson 7, with indirect questions. They loved it!!

  • JHS Monthly English Conversation Stamp Rally

    An English Board activity containing monthly conversation challenges for Junior High School students.

  • Active Voice & Passive Voice

    Active voice Passive Voice

  • World Heritage Sites (Yellowstone Presentation)

    A Powerpoint about Yellowstone National Park. If you are asked to make a presentation about a world heritage site, you can use this.

  • Dots and Boxes Paper Game

    Paper game for an icebreaker or warm up

  • Dream House There is There are Worksheet

    Worksheet to practice writing There is There are Junior High School Grade 1 New Horizons Page 112 Key Sentence 41

  • Ordering Food

    Practice ordering food in pairs

  • Classroom Feud

    End-of-school-year fun activity based on the popular TV quiz show, Family Feud.

  • Passive Form Practice Quiz ✨ (過去分詞)

    A short quiz for practicing passive voice that contains cute GIFs.

  • Penalty Janken Game ❗ (罰ゲーム)

    A quick warm-up game that practices reading, speaking, and listening and can be applied to any unit.

  • What cute shoes! Character maker

    Present vocab, kids make their own characters and pair up 3 separate times and compliment classmates using the vocab.

  • Who/What/When/Where/Which Warmup (Worksheet)

    General review for JHS 1nensei practicing Wh... questions.

  • School Life in America Presentation

    A presentation about school life in America, including some comparisons to school life in Japan, club activities, and school events, geared towards junior high school students.

  • New Horizon 2 Unit 7

    Just using New Horizon 2 Unit 7. Teaching them about the world sites.

  • Not Alone (an idea to help shy kids) any grades.

    It's an idea to help shy kids to communicate with their friends without a lot of pressure.

  • Review worksheet grade 3

    It is a short review of grade 3 grammar and writing lessons.

  • Seasons

    Introducing seasons

  • G3- How to write your ideas in an essay?

    This is a practice lesson to teach how to write.

  • Can I ...? Can you ...?

    Can I -----?

  • That sounds scary! Bad Luck Billy

    Simple Powerpoint game to practice "Subject+Look+Complement - You look sleepy" (JHS One World 1 U9 Copula Verb ). The game is from https://www.taysteachingtoolkit.com/.

  • How to make video games!

    Using Bitsy (bitsy.org) or Twine (twinery.org) you can make simple video games that your students can play in class.

  • Indirect questions

    Mini activity - worksheet

  • Writing letters


  • Giving Directions

    How to give directions in English

  • Offer help or ask for help

    Grade 3- New Horizon

  • If I were you

    Mini activity

  • Want-to and need mini activity

    Differentiating between want to and need

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