Relative Pronouns Cards

42 cards for practicing various relative pronouns

Includes 3 sets of 42 cards. One set has both the illustration and the sentence on one card, the other two sets are divided so one set is the illustration only on each card, and the other has the sentence only on each card.
You can edit some of these to work for reduced relative clause as well.

I use these for various card games with my special needs classes. If you'd like to have just the images, you can check out my Relative Pronouns Art activity which has a zip file of all illustrations used in these cards and a link to the Google drive folder of the illustrations.

Medium files (requires an account to download) -
  • 関係代名詞カード.docx (2.73 MB)
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    Submitted by altirasuto September 29, 2021 Estimated time:
    Inspired by Relative Pronouns Art
    1. nApz2go September 21, 2022

      @altirasuto thanks for your hardwork! I was really looking for a kind of illustration like what your doing! simple, easy to understand and an inksaver!

    2. maple_iris October 17, 2023

      Love the drawings !
      I'm having trouble opening the file with proper formatting (don't use Word).
      Would it be possible to get a PDF upload of the 3 sets as well ? :)
      Thanks for your hard work, these drawings are so cute and easy to understand ! Great level of detail + simplicity !

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