Relative Pronoun

He is a boy who writes novels.

Japanese name: 関係代名詞 (kankei daimeishi)

  • Group trivia game activity (Who/What/Which)

    A group based trivia activity that includes many fun trivias and questions from the book. (Blue Sky 3 - Target 14)

  • A Fun Speaking Activity (If/when)

    Hi guys! This is a good speaking activity for your students to practice 2 grammar points at the same time.

  • Stop!

    Fun activity to practice any grammar point.

  • New Year Karuta!

    This includes cards and card descriptions for traditions around the New Year (and a couple general winter activities).

  • Christmas Quiz

    Students try to unscramble the letters to spell the correct word after reading a short hint

  • Who is it?

    Students make their own guess who quiz using the grammar "__ is a ___ who ____"

  • Gartic Phone (Telephone Game)

    Telephone game, or "dengen game" in Japanese but adapted for the classroom. Involves writing, reading, and drawing.

  • 3 Hint Quiz- Grammar of `Who`

    This worksheet explores the usage of `who` using 3 Hint Quiz.

  • Christmas Scene

    Exactly like Halloween scene by NHall. Only christmas.

  • Kahoot (A Legacy for Peace)

    This kahoot is all about Mahatma Gandhi based on the content of New Horizon 3 unit 5 (A Legacy for Peace)

  • Post Modification Jeopardy (Autumn Themed)

    An Autumn themed game of Jeopardy to review various types of post-modification

  • Verb Sugoroku (JHS)

    A flexible board game where students change sentences based on target grammar point.

  • Which/That/Who Relative Pronouns Warm Up

    Multiple choice questions with four possible answers, click to reveal if answer is correct.

  • Fall for English 'Race and Speak'

    A Race and Speak type game along with follow up writing

  • Who, Which & That

    Worksheet and accompanying presentation reviewing the use of who, which and that.

  • The Halloween Scene

    A Halloween-style Busy Scene poster using the Relative Pronoun.

  • Who That Which Review Board Game

    A simple review for 3rd graders where they answer questions on a board game

  • Wants and Dreams Relative Pronoun "which"

    This is a writing, listening, and reading activity with a "Who's this?"quiz at the end. The use of which here connects two relative clauses.

  • Relative Pronouns: Series of Hint Quizzes

    Students work individually and in groups. This is good for 2 consecutive English lessons, but if you only have one time given to do it, you may skip a round.

  • Connect Four - Relative Pronouns

    Students play Connect Four by completing the relative pronoun sentences.

  • Disney Guess Who

    A Disney version of the popular board game Guess Who, which can be used to practice relative pronouns (Is it someone who...). Designed to be played on PCs, but can also be used as a worksheet.

  • Christmas in the Park

    A flexible busy scene poster. Play karuta, use with a worksheet, etc.

  • Worldwide Spies

    Information gap activity for JHS 3rd Graders (Relative Pronoun - what, where)

  • Relative Pronoun Mario Review Game

    A Mario-themed review game to practice the relative pronoun

  • Relative Pronoun Quiz (Card Game)

    These are small quizzes THAT students will make

  • Marvel Wipe Out

    A race and speak Powerpoint Game for groups

  • Relative Pronouns Cards

    42 cards for practicing various relative pronouns

  • Relative Pronouns Art

    42 illustrations of all forms of relative pronouns

  • Disney Wipe Out

    A race and speak Powerpoint Game for groups

  • Relative Pronoun Group Trivia

    Group category trivia using relative pronoun sentences as hints

  • Simple/Complex Relay

    Students practice combining simple sentences into complex ones and separating complex sentences into simple ones.

  • Relative clause worksheet

    A simple worksheet for practicing relative clauses.

  • Pictures with Santa

    A logic puzzle based on the "Day at the Zoo" activity, useful for practicing contact clauses.

  • Freestyle Othello

    Students play an Othello-inspired game while practicing relative pronouns with a partner.

  • Let's Interview Our Friends (Relative Pronoun)

    Interviewing students and teachers while using the relative pronoun.

  • Textbook Treasure Hunt (Sunshine 3)

    Textbook treasure hunt activity to review grammar and content from Sunshine 3, Programs 1 through 7.

  • Name 5 (who, which, that)

    'Name 5'-style trivia game that uses relative pronouns (who, which, that)

  • Movie Star

    Movie making activity to practice the relative pronoun "who." (Ex: He is a student who likes English.)

  • Gimme Gimme

    An activity that has students running around to give you the item you ask for while practicing "This is / That is" and "Here you are."

  • Movie Star

    Students pretend they are movie directors and choose their classmates for different roles. Then they interview each other to find out what they want to do in the movie.

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