Memory (2nd Conditional)

Memory game using 2nd conditional sentences

There aren't many activities on here using 2nd conditional (also using subjunctive mood somewhat), so I thought I'd upload this matching game. (One World 3 Lesson 5)

I didn't come up with the sentences; I found them online, but they work well to not match up with other phrases. Each phrase part should only have one match (if not, you can either add it to the practice before the memory game, or take it out of the decks).

I have included the 15 matches you must laminate and cut out (no need for a backing paper I think), and the powerpoint slides I will use to help demonstrate the game. Change the number on the memory cards per deck. It's easy with "Find & Replace."

During the lesson:

Before this activity, I showed both ways the 2nd conditional sentences can be written/spoken. The class knew it already, so the next practice was relatively easy for them, except difficult words. I went over the difficult words (scuba diving, countryside, clearly) as we practiced.
For the practice, I said the top version of the sentence, and the students had to change the sentence around to the other format. They did very well at this.

After, I showed my demonstration slides, got them into groups, and gave them the cards. I made sure to say "Flip the card all the way over and read. Don't just peek at it" with gestures.

(Update 11/25/21)

I have included an updated form of the powerpoint, including my warm up practice, using sentences from the memory game.
This helps them understand some harder words or phrases, and gives them an idea of what to look for for certain matches.

I have removed two matches from the decks, "We would save time if we took a taxi," and "We wouldn't be so bored if we had a television." I removed them because the latter was a little too difficult (they didn't know "bored"), while the former could be matched with other phrases ("I would go to the restaurant with you if we took a taxi.")
That leaves 13 matches, so I updated the demo with that amount of cards.

In the two classes I had, only one group was able to finish before time was up. Depending on your class's level, feel free to change around the included cards, how much practice before the game, etc.
I gave them 15 min to play.

If you're looking for a full lesson combo, I combo'd this with the "I wish I could~" Modal bingo on altopedia.

My full lesson ppt is labeled with a period before the name.

Mistaken matches made by students:
"If I liked Mexican food." -> "I would visit Peru." and other similar South America options.
- After the game, I explained Mexico is not in South America.
"If I had more time" -> "I would visit Peru."
- To prevent this, I will make "If I had more time, I would come to the party." as my class's goal phrase.
"I would go to the restaurant with you" -> "if we took a taxi."
- Tough to argue. I'm taking out the taxi card match.

Difficult cards:
"If I went to South America, I would visit Peru."
"I would go to the restaurant with you if I liked Mexican food."
- easy to mix up these matches, similar content to students
"We would save time if we took a taxi."
"We wouldn't be so bored if we had a television."
"If she got new glasses, she would see more clearly."

(sorry for the super long description !!!!)

Edit 12/14:
Updated the ppts for extra understanding, including some pictures and looking at punctuation.

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