Easter Powerpoint Quiz

A powerpoint introducing Easter in the US fit with a few quiz questions.

Not many people know about Easter in Japan so I wanted to make an introduction to it with a bit of an interactive element. Best for ES 6th grade or early JHS levels.

I focused on the secular aspects of Easter to make it more kid friendly. I don't know much about Easter in other countries so this is based on American customs.

The powerpoint introduces the basics of Easter such as a light definition of the holiday, how the date is decided (may or may not leave this in because it's kind of confusing) and then quiz questions related to Easter activities- egg dyeing, Easter baskets, and Easter egg hunts. Finally a focus on the present day symbols of Easter- bunnies, eggs, and chicks. It would probably go best with information in Japanese, time to research further or ask questions, or some kind of Easter activity.

This is not as fun or interactive as some of my other powerpoints so please feel free to make suggestions for improvement!

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    Submitted by altirasuto March 9, 2022 Estimated time:
    1. badartist March 9, 2022

      Super cute, and showed so many good pictures. Thank you!

    2. VinShida March 10, 2022

      I like the idea of sharing about Easter. It's a fun holiday stateside.

      I think New Years Day/Eve should definitely be included in the "main holidays" part.
      Maybe not as much, but Valentines too?

    3. OdafromTaijima March 10, 2022

      This is nice thank you for sharing!

    4. altirasuto March 14, 2022

      Thanks everyone! VinShida- that's a good point! I was trying to make it in terms of holidays the kids are generally familiar with but it might be a good idea to add in New Years (especially if they've learned about it!)

    5. Thehungrycaterpillar April 19, 2022

      Well done! You took a difficult topic and through the visuals you made it easy to understand. Thanks for explaining the reason for the date moving every year.

    6. Thehungrycaterpillar April 19, 2022

      5 stars!

    7. letsgoenglish March 10, 2023

      This is so cute and explains the customs in a really great way! Thank you so much for sharing.

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