American School Lunch Powerpoint Quiz

PPT with quiz to introduce American school lunches

Made to go with the New Horizon 6th grade text since it introduces school life in Unit 7 and has a bit about American school lunch. My students were really interested in finding out more so I made this powerpoint. Made for elementary but you could use it at JHS! And of course, as a regular disclaimer- this is based on my own school experiences, so if yours is different, please change as necessary. I just thought to share this as a jumping off point for more personalized presentations.

This powerpoint has quiz questions within it to get the students involved and thinking about cultural differences. It's elementary centric but the menu included is from a high school in the school district I went to (same with the blurry pics). I suggest, if you're interested, to swap this out with your own school's menu and a question related to it. Aside from the menu, you will also need to change the lunch box slide if you had a favorite one, maybe the lunch prices, and maybe how long lunch is.

Introduces lunch times, lunch menus for buyers, bag lunches, and some things you can find in them, etc. It has admittedly been a long time since I was in school so what's referenced are some things I grew up with and have known my nieces to eat. The question about what's in a bag lunch is of course debatable, but growing up it was almost always chips for me as a side. Carrot sticks could also be the answer, so feel free to change or explain that. The lunch box popularity is based on Target's best sellers- I was kinda shocked since so many kids growing up had character lunch boxes but it seems like they aren't as popular I just picked out the character ones for the boy's in the best sellers and for the girl's choices I left as is (not to gender lunch boxes but I thought it'd be fun for the kids to see some different styles)

Anyway, that's my rambling. Feel free to make any suggestions!

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    Submitted by altirasuto March 16, 2022 Estimated time:
    1. KobeALT March 18, 2022

      This is really cute. I am not American but I was interested to find out myself. 25 mins seems far too short for lunch!

    2. VinShida March 22, 2022

      While I like the idea of this, I think all school districts and schools are different. My (I'm also American) school lunches weren't like this. We just had 2 choices. Lunch A or lunch B. Yeah, kinda gheto. It was set, so you couldn't choose what it came with it. Just a quick mention that 'while all schools in America are different, my schools's lunch is like this' would be nice.

      That being said, I think you did a good job. It was very informative and can see how it would blow away the Japanese.

    3. ohnoko March 22, 2022

      Very cute and well done! Seeing the drinks and snacks slide makes me feel so nostalgic haha. I was a box lunch kid and Peach Snapple tea was (and still is) my jam.

    4. Aurora Edutainment March 23, 2022

      And here I thought I going to blow the kids' minds with my country's Wednesday school lunch having hamburgers as an option. This is amazing!

    5. CrayonNickChan May 19, 2022

      Awesome presentation! Used it in JHS!

    6. Lily Of The Valley May 18, 2023

      I love the presentation, it's super interactive and fun!

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